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Roseline Nya: Confessions of an Ex-Fashion Addict



I love fashion. I love dressing up and looking my best. I love the joy and confidence that looking and feeling my best brings.

I appreciate the change in seasons, and the new and gorgeous pieces that hit the shops to change up our looks. I love the creativity of fashion designers and every other service provider in the fashion business. I admire beautiful clothes and see it as an expression of our individual personalities. I feel excited when I see beautiful garments in stores that are just so me. I enjoy the adrenaline rush I get during a shopping spree, especially when I’m walking back to the car, bags in hand, already envisioning how gorgeous I’ll look in that new dress, with my new hair, while walking in the new shoes I bought from Tiannah. And at that point when I’m dreaming, I’ll also think of myself as a model on a runway in Paris, so I’ll change my gait to match my thought.But I have learnt to put a cap on it! I learnt it the hard way, but I learnt it anyway.

You see, my love for fashion got to the point that I’d barely pay any attention to other necessities. I’d live off noodles, all because I was saving for a pair of shoes.
One shopping spree only led me to another; from the mall, I’d go for an online binge, to grab a must-have item for the must-have item I bought at the mall.

As my income grew, so did my wardrobe (in quantity and quality). And even though sometimes I’d feel guilty after a splurge, the guilt will evaporate as quickly as the buzz from a new purse.
I started living from pay cheque to pay cheque. And sometimes, I’d have barely enough left to feed and be comfortable in the new skirt I had bought.

Meanwhile, my wardrobe was overflowing with sad forgotten garments that have not seen the light in a long time. But even with that, from time to time I’d have nothing to wear that made me feel amazing. There was always something new and better out there. The never ending thirst for appeal continued, taking up the space (and money) of more important things I was destined for.
Then debt snuck in.

I started spending money before it was mine; before it’s in my bank account I’ll spend it. Later, I’ll feel deprived and will have to work “overtime” to make up, only to spend the next lot of income before I’ve earned that too. The second I was paid I was broke again. I was living like a princess on a Thursday and a pauper on a Monday.
Oftentimes, my ‘need’ for a new dress for a special occasion, will turn into a desire for a new expensive dress, an expensive shoe, as well as a fanciful hair, nails and make up. I had become a perfectionist, living a lifestyle where I compared myself to standards well above what my income could keep up with.
So I owed. I owed a few luxury goods merchants. A lot, actually.
And it wasn’t entirely my fault! They gave me the buy now; pay later option. All of them!
Every time they had a new stock, they’ll solicit for my patronage and I, in all my glory, will take to pay later.
This continued until I decided to upgrade my car to be at par with my clothing and couldn’t meet up with our agreement.

That’s when the beast in them surfaced screaming, “B*tch better have my money!”
The fight was messy and the embarrassment, great, so I admonished myself. And now I tell people,
Fashion makes an impression and is most necessary in highly visible careers like TV anchoring, and other high profile executive jobs. But in most cases, the respective organisations provide a wardrobe allowance. Therefore, do not try to keep up with people when you do not know who is paying for their wardrobes.”
I’m happily still fashionable, but within reason.

Photo Credit: Dreamstime |Daniel Raustadt 

My name is Roseline Nya. Story-telling is deeply ingrained in my cells and, literally, drips out of my pores.


  1. Grace

    October 27, 2015 at 1:53 pm

    “I’m happily still fashionable, but within reason.”
    I love fashion,i love to dress up,get the best and all that,but the truth is most atimes i cant afford it/them but that doesnt make me less fashionable. I just cut my coat according to my fabric especially when i have to pay for my clothes myself(as i dont have wardrobe allowance)

  2. ab

    October 27, 2015 at 2:11 pm

    This was so me until I cut all credit cards out and decided to leave the debit cards at home on my way out the door!! I wasnt shopping and trying to impress anybody though or to be seen in a certain way, I jsut felt happy buying new things and looking chic and trendy, until I advised my self…I had a business plan I wanted to execute without bank of mummy and daddy or even the bank ( I wanted to start lean and then grow from there), there were qualifications I wanted to take up and I wanted to start investing then I realised this lifestyle will only wreck me and I also reminded myself that good things never goaway….5, 10, 15 years from now there will still be nice things ..But it taught me self control as well…If you are thinking to be a wife one day, run a business and just generally have a good life, you must exert control in certain areas and for me it was incessant splurge!!! Good write up dearest, thought I was alone on this one!

  3. Kind of wife never to have

    October 27, 2015 at 3:23 pm

    This is the kind of wife any man should pray never to have
    When you see any appearances of evil, run!
    run, my friend, run!
    Run faster than your adrenaline rush

  4. FrugalFashionista

    October 27, 2015 at 6:19 pm

    PRECISELY!! This is the best part of the article: “in most cases, the respective organisations provide a wardrobe allowance.” BAM!! Exactly what I say to pple who tend to go overboard and have to remind myself too. Never let fashion take over your life. Buy what you can afford but never aim to own/dress like high profile pple. 99.9% of the time they get them free!

  5. sera

    October 28, 2015 at 2:54 am

    Thanks! I was like this until I had bigger projects to invest in, salary goes straight into what needs to be done! I don’t shop online and I stick to my budget of durable and useful designs when shopping, no more out-of-the runway look and more of reshuffling my wardrobe. Fashionable and still investing lol.

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