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Woman in court for Allegedly Stabbing Neighbour who called her “Shaku Shaku” to Death 



Opeyemi Adamson

A 23-year old hairdresser Opeyemi Adamson has been remanded in prison for allegedly stabbing her neighbour to death, Punch is reporting.

The deceased Taiwo Olowookere, 28, had reported the case to the police in the Meiran area of Lagos state before her death at a hospital in the area.

Taiwo was living with Opeyemi’s mother-in-law who took her in after she (Taiwo) had a dispute with her husband.

Narrating what happened to the police, Taiwo had said:

About three months ago, I had a problem with my husband. The woman I was staying with was her (Opeyemi) mother-in-law.

On a particular day, my child was ill and I took him to a hospital. When I returned, I greeted her, but she refused to respond. That was when our misunderstanding started.

Around 7am on August 24, I went to bath my child. While doing that, her child started making a noise. I called her that her child was disturbing me, but she abused me.

She started cursing me and I called her shaku-shaku woman. She asked why I would call her such a name. She said she would show me what a shaku-shaku woman was like. She went inside and brought out a knife which she used to stab me in the neck.

Opeyemi was arrested after Taiwo reported the case.

Sharing her own side of the story, Opeyemi said:

Her (Taiwo’s) husband always beat her up and that was why my mother-in-law assisted her. When she arrived at our house, she was always cursing me. She always said I was happy because I had a good husband, while she had no good matrimonial home and that she would deal with me.

The knife belonged to her; I stabbed her in self defence. Her husband was buying her all sorts of things while she was in the hospital. When she died, her husband came to dump her corpse in our house and fled.

Taiwo’s husband Solomon Olowookere also said:

My wife and I had a misunderstanding over her attitude. She became annoyed and left for the house of a co-trader. A SARS officer intervened and I was asked to sign an undertaking that I would never lay hands on her again, which I did.

We both made statements at a police station and I thought it was over, but she said she was not ready to follow me home; she said she would join me later.

My wife could be abusive, but she would never fight anyone. The woman that stabbed her is a cult member. She started having issues with my wife after my wife stopped giving her money for safekeeping.

I was at work late at night when I was called that my wife had been stabbed. It was the following day that I got there. She was taken to a local medical centre where her injuries festered and her neck became swollen. We were asked to conduct an X-ray for her. I was taking her to a general hospital when she gave up the ghost.

Opeyemi was arraigned on a murder charge at a Magistrate Court, and Chief Magistrate, O.O. Olatunji, remanded her and adjourned the case to October 3, 2018, while the prosecuting counsel waits for advice from the Department of Public Prosecutions.

The defence counsel is hoping the charge changes to manslaughter.

Photo Credit: Punch

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