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Soldiers detained after Coup in Gabon Fails



Soldiers detained after Coup in Gabon Fails | BellaNaijaAn attempted coup by members of the Gabon military has failed and the plotters have been taken into custody.

A small group of soldiers had taken over the state-run radio station in the country, saying that they had come to “save Gabon from chaos.”

The soldiers were reported to have fired tear gas and blocked the entrance to the national television station, too, while their president Ali Bongo is away in Morocco getting treatment after suffering a stroke in October.

Guardian reports that the coup has been foiled and the state has released a statement saying 4 of the 5 coup plotters have been arrested.

The government is in place. The institutions are in place.

[The coup plotters are] a group of jokers and the military hierarchy does not recognise them.

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