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Fatoyinbo Arrested, World Leaders + One Unidentified Leader & Wedding Day Nudes | Here’s What Went Down this Week



It’s like this week all of us just went mad. It started right from Monday, everybody turning into wild wolves over the internet and tearing each other’s skins. Old friends opened each other’s yansh, other friends defended their friend’s smelly behaviour, becoming smelly themselves. Anyway, let’s get right into it.

Three-Way Mud Wrestling

Yes, let’s start with the messiest.

This one ehn, it started with a sub and ended with old acquaintances revealing each other’s deepest darkest secrets. There was sex-shaming, misogyny, homophobia, body-shaming, ageism—everything Nigerian men can find to shame themselves with.

It’s too difficult to find the origin, so instead we’ll just load you with important checkpoints.

Wedding Day Nudes

Nigerian men will always Nigerian. That’s the lesson to be learned in this one.

The entire gist here is that an engaged man had been sending nudes to women, giving them the impression that he was single. There’s news that he even sent nudes on his wedding day.

When the women found out he was getting married, they threw him a sub on Twitter, something about him stringing them along and them having no idea he was getting married.

His friends should have jejely kept quiet. Instead, women themselves, they decided it was the women, not the married man sharing nudes, that were guilty. They shouldn’t have said anything, they said. It wasn’t fair to the wife. But was it fair to the wife that her husband was—you know what? Never mind.

The Unidentified World Leader

When Cyril Ramaphosa left his country South Africa for the G7 Summit in France, he had no idea he’d be identified by an Associated Press journalist as “one unidentified leader.”

It’s funny because this is supposed to be a journalist with the world renowned AP, attached to the White House. And she cannot identify who the South African president is. Says more about her than about the South African president, to be honest.

Fatoyinbo Arrested

We’ll be honest, even us didn’t see this one coming.

The police earlier this week revealed that the alleged rapist pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo was in their custody. According to them,, they’d been investigating and interviewing for a while, before finally decided to arrest him. We heard they even seized his passport.

Maybe there is some justice in Nigeria, after all.

US Vs. Nigeria: Do Me I Do You

We’ve already explained this one somewhere before, so we’ll just do copy and paste.

The Jack Hack

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey‘s page was hacked. And, in typical Twitter fashion, the hackers used the opportunity to tweet racist and Nazi stuff, and then issue a bomb threat.

And that’s it for the week! If we missed anything, let us know in the comment section. Enjoy!

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