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Amin Ameen and Adaora Mbelu motivate Viewers to “Be Confident & Embrace Failure” on “The Lumination Show” | WATCH




On this episode of Adaora Mbelu‘s “The Lumination Show“, founder of Everything Na Art, Amin Ameen, shares how she built a community of creative people through sharing educational resources. She discusses her passion for Nigeria, and Africa as a whole, why she’s chosen tell African stories.

She also shares stories from her experience putting together CultivARTe, a creative conference that held it’s the first edition in Lagos, Nigeria in 2019.

Here are few points Amin Ameen shared.

1. You have to embrace failure. Failure isn’t always the no. Sometimes you get the job, and you don’t do your best. Take stock of your failures and why.

2. I would never want to be the Hashtag Ad person when the brand has nothing to do with my purpose.

3. In Nigeria, there’s a lack of privilege in access, and I want to bridge that gap.

Watch the video below.

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