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Melania & Tiffany Trump Came Through for Donald Trump at the 2020 Republican National Convention



The Republican National Convention continued on Tuesday, August 25, 2020, with First lady Melania Trump taking the centre stage, with a forward-looking, positive and uplifting address.

The party planned a mix of virtual and in-person events in North Carolina and Washington, D.C., for its nominating convention after the coronavirus pandemic interrupted plans for a traditional nominating event.

In her 25-minute keynote outside the White House, She made the case that Trump is determined to work hard to improve the country in a second term. She addressed two of the biggest political crises facing her husband as he campaigns for a second term, the coronavirus pandemic and protests against police brutality and racial discrimination.

Expressing sympathy for people who lost loved ones to COVID-19 or are suffering from the virus, she acknowledged that “many people are anxious.” She urged Americans to come together, to reflect on racism and learn from it, without casting recent protests in overtly political terms. “It is a harsh reality that we are not proud of parts of our history,” Melania Trump said. “Stop the violence and looting being done in the name of justice.”

Watch her video below:

Trump’s youngest daughter, Tiffany Trump also spoke at the Republican National Convention. Tiffany Trump addressed the RNC once before, in 2016 when her father sought his first term in office.

“People must recognize that our thoughts, opinions and even the choice of who we vote for are being manipulated and invisibly coerced by the media and tech giants,” she said. “If you tune in to the media, you get one biased opinion or another. And if what you share does not fit into the narrative they seek to promote, then it is either ignored or deemed a ‘lie,’ regardless of the truth. This manipulation of what information we receive impedes our freedoms.”

Watch the video below:

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