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Read Barry Jhay’s Statement on the Death of his Label Boss, Kashy | Police say Case Docket is Closed

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Barry Jhay has taken to Instagram to address the death of his record label boss and CEO of CashNation Entertainment, Kashy.

Kashy sadly passed on March 7, 2021, after falling from the fourth floor of Beaufort Ridge Apartments in Adabraka, Accra. Kashy was said to have gotten into a fight with Barry Jhay before he died, and Barry was later arrested. He was recently released after a criminal inquiry cleared him of suspicion of murder.

According to a medical pathologist, the cause of his death was a major head injury and a fall from height.

Having been cleared by the police, after several investigations, Barry claimed that the “last few days have been radically life-altering”. Before the tragic turn of events, he revealed that he was in Ghana for a vacation with his friend Kashy Gordon.

Read what he wrote below:

Good day everyone,

These past few days have been drastically life changing for me with resounding frame of reflections. What was meant to be a vacation with my friend/brother turned into a tragic nightmare I almost didn’t wake up from.
What I went through I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy but I still thank God for his grace upon my life and for also reminding me that there is a thin line between life and death and we’re not going to be here forever.

I lost a dear friend, I almost lost my life and my freedom for something I had no hand in. I know I owe my fans my own side of the story and same is contained in the attached reports.

I want to thank the entire Ghana police force for their professionalism and diligence . The hurtful comments,assumptions and allegations made against me was nothing compared to having to mourn the tragic death of my friend and at the same time been accused of been involved in his death. But for the enormous support from my friends, family and even strangers who supported me without prejudice and proclaimed my innocence were the ones who gave me hope, oh my Ghanaian brother’s and sisters! This is my first visit to an amazing country filled with lovely people I have gotten the biggest support from. To my family!! I can’t thank you enough! my legal team( Tope Salami and Jerry), Lewis, Martin, Olu, ike, my Aunty Tosin , the list long o!!! ♥️

Cc : Legal team @dtopesalami

Thank you everyone!!! Tell them Barry Back!!

What the investigation revealed about Kashy’s death

On Tuesday, March 16, the singer shared a statement from his legal team on his official Instagram page denying his involvement in Kashy’s death. According to them, Barry Jhay was assaulted by Kashy while ‘behaving abnormally.’ According to the document, the singer exited the building shortly before Kashy jumped to his death from the apartment’s fourth floor.

According to a statement signed by Police Superintendent Albert K. Tang, the Ghanian Police obtained intelligence about Kashy’s death and promptly responded to the scene. They also confirmed Barry Jhay’s legal team’s account of Kashy ‘behaving abnormally’ and that the singer was not near the label boss when he died.

According to the document, Kashy, his girlfriend, and Barry Jhay checked into a three-bedroom apartment at Beauford Bridge Hotel in Adabraka, Accra, on March 7. When Kashy’s girlfriend rushed in to warn the singer that his label boss was acting strangely, while Barry Jhay and a Ghanaian producer were recording in a different room.

Barry Jhay then rushed into the bedroom, where Kashy became aggressive and assaulted him with a water closet cover, a pressing iron, and a pistol. When he saw this, Barry Jhay allegedly fled the scene.

According to the authorities, a resident of a nearby apartment hurried to see what was causing the uproar and stood outside for thirty minutes from where they saw Kashy jump from his balcony. Barry Jhay’s team also posted a video from the apartment’s security cameras, which captured the singer leaving the building before Kashy dropped from the fourth floor.

At 12:42:06, Barry Jhay was seen leaving the hotel in apparent anger. Kashy fell to his death at 12:53:16 a.m, the report says. The investigation has since been closed, and Barry Jhay is no longer a suspect.

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