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Modela Simms lists Perfumes that’ll have everyone saying “You Smell Nice”



Beauty YouTuber Modela Simms has shared her list of perfumes that have attracted the most compliments in 2021. We all love long-lasting fragrances so this is definitely worth watching.
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In her latest video she mentioned:

YSL Libre Intense
This is one of Modela Simms’ favorite perfumes out of the bunch. It has a powerful, flowery scent. Modela is generally a fan of male fragrances because they have a more intense scent that help complement her aesthetic. For a female perfume, the Libre Intense is extremely strong and is the kind of perfume you should be wearing to start your day off due to its inherent intensity.

YSL Signature White
With a solid masculine smell, Modela is an absolute fan of the classic, fruity scent. It is one of the men’s perfumes she wears. If you are a fan of bold perfumes, you should try the scent out. It has a combination of apple and ginger, which makes it smell fruity and fresh. The scent is quite intense but is not overwhelming.

Black Opium
This one is Modela’s sweet poison. This is an excellent perfume, it is very feminine and has a slight sweetness because of the vanilla and white flour and some coffee. It’s perfect for the summer!

Tiffany & Co
Although it looks like straight-up water, it is one of the best in her collection. It has a bright, clean smell. It has an elegant and rosy vibe with its iris base and rose oil. She rightly names it “a little bit of luxury.”

Bvlgari Omnia
This one has a peppery citrus smell and is available in 25ml, 40ml, and 60ml to suit your every need.

Valentino Uomo
This is the perfect masculine yet feminine perfume. It has a slight sugary smell, so it is sweet, bold, and mild at the same time!

J’adore by Christian Dior
Not only does it have a vintage bottle, but it has a beautiful powdery floral scent along with some fruity tones too. This is because it contains pear, mandarin orange, melon, and so many more. It is so perfect that you can wear it in all seasons.


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