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Princess Simysola: Sometimes You Find Gems In Your Trash

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dreamstime_l_5819687Recently, I was privileged to witness a profound lesson in its practical state. A group of kids, while returning from school within an estate, stumbled on a goldmine at a trash site. In there, they found plates, flasks, water bottles, cups, mugs, slippers, games and even got parts of a drawer to pack them all with.

The excitement on their faces was beyond words, though it might have come out as trash from someone’s home, to them, they had acquired new items that could be useful at school & at home. These kids were not sulking that they were picking things from a trash site; rather they had such great joyous attitude as they basked in the different things they had found.

The items might not have been in their perfect conditions, but rather than grumbling, they looked through, excitedly, and picked the items that seemed useful to them – possibly things they must have seen other children have and longed to possess.

The sight brought tears to my eyes, because sometimes the things we complain about the most can serve as the only point of blessing to other people. Sometimes we are so stuck on the many things that are not working, we forget to be grateful about the ones that work. And even when some things work, we are in such a haste to get to the next level, we forget to stay in the moment & bask in the gift of now. Remember once today is gone, it never comes back again.

3cdcd937-ad1e-460b-83fe-b4db55e76a26 I believe there is great power in optimism, it not only gives us fresh perspective to things, it helps us remain on the “joy-side” of life, because what we look at as trash, looks like a goldmine to somebody else.

We would be amazed at how many people envy our trash (The things we don’t seem to cherish so much anymore).

Some of us practically HATE our jobs, whilst there are others out there who wish they could simply be in our shoes.

bcf24d53-a14f-46a3-abd8-f3f8578941cdSome of us HATE the fact that we are single, but you’ll be amazed to find out there are loads of married people who wish they could have their single-hood back.

Some of us HATE the fact our parents continually nag about many things, truth is many orphans wish they had parents to ask about their well-being.

Some of us HATE that we were born in Nigeria; I am sure guys in Somalia or Sudan wish they were you.

3cdcd937-ad1e-460b-83fe-b4db55e76a26If you think your situation is terrible, I am sure there’s someone out there who would give an eye to exchange their problems with yours.

No matter what happens, it’s important we stay GRATEFUL & remain HOPEFUL…

Photo Credit: Dreamstime |  @Fhankie

I am Princess Simisola, a lady on a mission with a burning desire to help leaders overcome the scourge of low self esteem & lack of self confidence as it is prevalent in the land today. My Role is to give Hope, that notwithstanding how low the World has made you to feel, you are worth more than a thousand rubies, and there is greatness inside of you that the World requires, that Nigeria is in dire need of. My Message is Simple, In every uniqueness, therein lies greatness. Visit my blog : , or follow me on twitter @princessimysola Instagram; @princesssimysola Nb: I write like I talk…. My style God Bless you real good.


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