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Loud Thinker: Put the Phone Down & Enjoy Your Party!



Do people enjoy events anymore nowadays? I ask this question because it seems that we have the mentality of “if it is not on social media then it did not happen”. Whatever happened to our own memory? This is a topic that I always find myself having with my Snapchat addict friends.

Let’s look at this scenario: we go out to a party and we take 2, 4, 6 pictures as a group. No problem. Then the Snapchat frenzy starts. Whenever the DJ drops a hit that we all love, instead of turning up, the phone comes on and then it becomes about recording a video that I guess will disappear after a while (I am not sure. I no get Snapchat). So then I begin to wonder at the end of the night if they had fun or will their story on Snapchat show them that they had a good time? Then what annoys me the most is when someone sends me a message the next morning saying, “I saw you getting turned up last night on Snap”. This almost always happens especially when my plan is to have a low-key night.

A few years ago I went on vacation with a couple of friends. Let’s call them Titi and Sha. It was a last minute weekend trip and we had little time to make the best of it. It happened to be my first time to go on vacation with these girls, but I was very hopeful because we have been wanting to take a trip together for a long time. After going back and forth on what to do first when we arrived, we decided to just go out to eat. I am a great observer and I noticed that Titi and I had the same thoughts when it came to taking pictures and social media. We were more concerned with having a great time and making the best of the trip. We were less concerned with flooding timelines and a catchy hashtag. Sha on the other hand won’t let us take a casual stroll without at least taking 50 pictures. And I am sure we all have those friends that ask you to take their pictures in an authoritative way as if you were working for them. Then the little comments like “are you taking a full picture?” “make sure the background is showing” “you are too far. come closer” “ok take another one. you know I have a hard time choosing” “just keep taking the picture even when I am moving”. I mean she had me wondering how much I get paid an hour. Then the worst is when I asked her to take my picture. First she only took about three and then the quality was just. All of this makes me wonder if people just do things for the ‘gram or show off for snapchat. People will spend a lot of money, take a vacation to an exotic location just to spend every second posting about it.

A friend told me to download snapchat a few days ago. I told him that I am not a huge fan of social media. I already have a hard time posting videos on Instagram. He told me I need to show more of my life and I told him that is the exact reason why I do not have Snapchat. I like to have a little mystery in my life and personally, sharing videos of my life doesn’t entice me. At the moment, I am in the process of trying to delete anything that comes up after I Google my name that might hurt my professional career (this is a topic for another day). I think at the moment, Instagram is all I can handle when it comes to social media. More power to the people that can handle Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and whatever else.

If you happen to be someone who constantly posts about an event while at that event, I will suggest you reduce how much you post for a few reasons.

  1. Your followers most likely get annoyed with you flooding about the same thing.
  2. Are you really having fun? If you are you wouldn’t be having so much time for social media.
  3. Don’t post your entire life. Leave some mystery.

I don’t know what the right amount of post should be for an event but I am sure you are aware if you post too much. Not everything we do in our lives deserve to be shared with our followers. When out, put the phone down and actually enjoy your time out. Trust me you will remember the event whether it is on social media or not. Take pictures for your own memory but most importantly enjoy your time. If you must post, then wait till the next day and post your favorite moments.

What does my BN family think?

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