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Curious about “Love and God”? Find Out on today’s #LiterallyWhatsHot Book Review

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Oyindamola Depo-Oyedokun author of “Love and God”

I’ve had sex and I can attest to it being one of the most beautiful experience humans would ever experience in their lifetime.

It is exhilarating, passionate, mind consuming and there’s probably nothing more beautiful than being intimate with the one you truly love. The aftermath is even better, you feel sated, relieved, and at the moment of climax, the world feels infinitely perfect.

But it wasn’t always like this for me and I remember clearly that when I started to have sex, I always felt dirty and used afterwards. I would immediately want to clean up my body once I was done, and I’d start wondering if God would punish me, if I would end up in hell because of my five minutes of pleasure.

Seconds after all these plaguing thoughts, all the orgasms I had experienced would be a fleeting memory and the guilt of my sin would consume, choke and threaten to suffocate my very existence.

love-and-godSo when I started reading Oyindamola Depo-Oyedokun’s Love And God, I knew just how Feyikemi felt being with Jason. I understood all emotions that assailed her; guilt being the predominant one, and I remembered feeling each and everyone of them including shying away from church just because, I had convinced myself I was a condemned sinner.

I’d be lying that marriage was the one who made being in relationships now normal for me, or more specifically, having sex, but for Feyikemi, it was rediscovering the special relationship she had with God and choosing that above all others, that did the trick for her.

It helped also that she had such a good friend in Valerie and that in all her struggles and confusion, there was a support system in Val and her pastor to depend on- a luxury most people never have.

What I can tell you, from the lessons learnt in this deeply encouraging and inspiring book, is that God does make it easier for us in times of doubt and no matter how pleasurable the wide road of sin might be, the narrow way of fulfillment with God is wiser, safer and immensely gratifying.


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