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Obianuju Ndaguba: #IWD2017 – A Call To Take a Stand For Change



The International Women’s day 2017 is set for March 8 and is themed #Be Bold for Change. This calls for women to take a stand against, gender inequality, violence, forge towards women’s advancement and achievement and champion women education. It is also the day we celebrate the efforts women of different races, to contribute in making the world a better place despite all odds. We celebrate women who lead teams in organisations, who take up responsibilities not to forget the women in rural communities who cater for the homes. For many generations, mankind will continue to celebrate womanhood.

On this day, we also celebrate leading women, role models to young ladies; women who, through their life’s work and accomplishments, inspire many others. We celebrate women who have risen above mediocrity, stereotypes, cultural and social obstacles. Women who remain fierce even in the face of danger, who choose to fight rather than settle for the status quo, women with strong beliefs – confident enough to live their dreams.

Women who rise up against challenges and who are bruised yet forge ahead. The IWD as always recognises and celebrate ‘womanhood’, givers of life. Women are strong,resilient, warm and determined. This year’s theme is yet another call for women to come together to help build one another.

We celebrate women of all ages and at different phases, knowing that by nature, women are not created to give up (I said it!).

I have learnt that each and everyone of us can influence change, no matter how little. I have learnt not to leave any stones unturned in reaching my dreams. I am woman, and I choose to celebrate myself. I am ‘woman’ on a mission, though faced with uncertainties I refuse to give up not for me, but to give hope to many other women after me.

Ladies, celebrate yourselves. You are special. Remember the saying, ‘if you teach a woman you teach a generation’.


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Obianuju has growing experience in Communications and PR. She has worked in communication across different industries. In 2017, Obianuju delivered a TED talk on "how communities can improve through radio". She writes about business, communication and gender-related issues.

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