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#BeInspired Mondays with IK: Just Keep Looking

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#BeInspired Mondays with IK: Just Keep LookingSight is a function of the eyes, but vision, a function of the mind, says Myles Munroe of blessed memory.

What you see has a profound influence on the action you decide to take, hence the importance of being mindful of what you are looking at… and by looking at, I mean what you allow your mind to focus on not necessarily what you can see with your physical eyes.

Distraction, it has been said, is what you see when you take your eyes off the goal. What are you looking at? What can you see?

You have to create a mental picture of where you are headed and keep looking at it regularly so that you do not end up doing something different or taking a path that leads you to somewhere else.

If you are not looking at anything, then your life begins to move in any and/or every direction that catches your attention.

Shut the outside noise and keep your eyes on YOUR goal, the finish line you want to cross, and the prize you want to achieve. It is a direct call for failure to start looking at the man throwing the javelin during the quadrennial summer Olympics while your 4X100m relay is on.

Keep your head in your own game, shut the outside noise, and work towards your goal. Music, is defined as the collection of sounds that are pleasant to the ear, noise however, “is variously described as unpitched, indeterminate, uncontrolled, loud, unmusical, or unwanted sound” – basically, unpleasant sound.

Where I’m headed is that what you should shut out is the noise, as it is easy to recognise a hater from a person who is critiquing you constructively. Be open to opinions from outside, and make changes if need be, but make sure that that choice relies solely on you because you are the only one seeing what you are seeing.

Leadership is the ability to transmit what you are seeing to a group who can make that vision a reality. It is why the first step in leadership is vision and the ability to lead one’s self.

It doesn’t stop at looking, execution matters, and so you must execute ideas for them to really matter as they are a dime a dozen.

Living has to be intentional; you do not accidentally climb a ladder or a flight of stairs. It takes calculated effort and precision to get that done. So it is for our every day living. Nothing just happens without a cause, what you desire does not just come to you except you make moves to attract it.

Just Keep Looking… and Keep Working.

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