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Debbie Larry- Izamoje: Do You Know The Power Of Your Vision?



IMG_6260I am almost emotional as I write this article; once again I am reminded of the power of foresight. I have met people who are changing their career trajectory because of their ability to see far!

Everyday, new businesses and industries are born; old companies are even rebranded because of a single vision.

One of my favorite scriptures and a huge inspiration behind this article is Genesis 13:15 “ As far as you can see, so will I give you”

So let me begin this article by asking this vital question;

  • How far can you see?
  • What do you see when you see your future?
  • How do you feel about the future you see?

Most people are afraid to tap into the power of their vision. Although I am yet to fully understand why, discussions with some clients has shown that tapping into the power of one’s vision requires a certain level of vulnerability that some people are yet to possess.

Foresight gives hope and some people will rather be comfortable with stagnancy than choose to believe that their dreams and visions are valid and will one day become a reality.

You must begin to see your vision as a road sign that guides your professional journey. Your vision is there to direct you and has a huge effect on the kind of goals you set and your ability to achieve them. Let’s just say in simple terms that it is what you envision that you create. This is why I ensure that monthly, I am creating content that inspires our generation because I believe that we could all use a reminder on how powerful our minds are.

Do you not know that your vision determines your actions, the friends you keep, the people you employ, the places you visit, the contracts you accept? It sets the pace for what you prioritize and determines your whole life.

Now that you understand how powerful your vision is, your next action should be communicating your vision.

As an entrepreneur, I can tell you for a fact that your inability to communicate the company’s vision will affect the overall performance of employees. For example, when Image Boosters began operations I was too busy trying to make things run smoothly that I failed to reiterate our vision statement to my colleagues, quite frankly I thought they all understood what we were trying to do. It took a few learning curves for me to truly understand that leaders must not underestimate the productivity that the company enjoys all because employees are constantly reminded of the vision statement.

Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur reading this, take time out now to improve on your vision statement or create one.

If your team has constantly struggled with communication or productivity then you need to go back to the drawing board and be sure everyone understands  their individual and collective roles. I always recommend a 3-year vision statement.

The vision statement must be specific and concise. It must include your desired outcomes after a set period. You cannot be uncertain about your vision as a company. How do you expect to lead your team of employees if you are confused about why that business even exists in the first place? You cannot be confused about what you see.

It is your job as the head of the company to motivate the rest of your team and point out the desired destination. The vision is what creates that bond in a work environment. See that vision, write it out and make sure everyone on the team understands what you’re trying to do and where you are trying to go. Empower them daily to implement the vision

Always remember that your sight will direct your steps and your steps will direct your life.

Debbie Larry-Izamoje, with Certificates in Innovation and strategy from Harvard University and user innovation from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is the Chief operating Officer of Nigeria's only sports radio station, Brila Fm Instagram: @dee_larry

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