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Nigerians on Twitter Were Asked to Share Beautiful Stories About their Fathers and the Responses Will Leave you Teary-Eyed

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Fatherhood is a journey, and fathers are very special people. Fathers play a very important role in our society. Beyond riding and grinding for us every day, they teach and guide, mould and shape who we become. Every Father’s Day, we recognise, acknowledge and appreciate the sacrifices our fathers make to give us the opportunity to be and have. A father’s love for his children is unparalleled and on Sunday, people chose to celebrate who they are, their journey and what we have gleaned from them.

A Twitter user on Sunday asked people to celebrate their fathers by talking about the bonds they share and the influence of fathers in our society.

Guys, these replies will get you all teary-eyed. Grab a little tissue.

Awww, are fathers not the sweetest?

Fathers are truly heroes


Don’t let the fun end here, guys. Tell us about the beautiful moments you had with your father. It is also important to note that fathers should be celebrated every day and all day.

Happy Father’s Day, again, to all fathers.


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