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Here Are Ways You Can Keep Safe During the Elections

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This Saturday and in March, Nigerians will head to the polls to elect new representatives. Voting and participating in election activities are civic rights and it is part of our responsibility as citizens to carry out these functions. While we pray that these elections will be fair and just and devoid of violence, we cannot rule out the fact that Nigerian elections have been trailed by violence. It is important to exercise your civic right and cast your vote, but it is equally important to remain safe while at it. 

Here are some security precautions you can take as we prepare to go out and vote. 

Try to get back home immediately after you cast your vote, the votes are counted and the winner is declared in your polling unit. Do not be involved in any argument or quarrel about candidates on time. In fact, avoid political arguments with strangers or fellow voters.

Every piece of information is important at this time, so make sure you listen to the news often. There might be reports of violence from a specific area and your polling unit might be in the news. Try to keep up with local news about the elections.

Stay indoors and safe during this period if you have nowhere else to go. Go and cast your vote and go home. If it is not that important or urgent, Netflix and chill will sure keep you occupied!

Ensure you’re conscious of materials that can reveal your identity, online and offline. Don’t give out important info like your place of work, home address, family history, BVN and so on.

Do not partake in any form of violence nor should you be an instigator. Don’t be an architect or agent of violence. Don’t start it, don’t partake in it, and don’t encourage it.

We advise that every Nigerian abide by these safety precautions. It’s less than 48 hours to go, ensure you exercise your civic obligations, cast your vote and stay out of trouble!

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