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Proud Muslimah: Are Muslims Really That Bad?



Every time I see an article online about terror I tell myself I will not read the comments underneath, but I always do. It’s almost as if I can’t help it. It’s always the same though , and with my heart pounding and sometimes tears in my eyes, I read comments of people calling Muslims and the entire religion of Islam ‘evil’ and other names too lewd to even write down. It genuinely hurts!

As an objective Muslim, I ask myself, if I wasn’t lucky to be a Muslim, would I feel this way? I’m not entirely sure, but I know for a fact I would question the religion of Islam and what it stands for and maybe I would try to learn a bit more about the religion.

Islam is a religion of peace which Allah has perfected. Feel free to roll your eyes, utter your ‘yeah right’ or even hiss, it’s your prerogative, it won’t change that fact.
Muslims on the other hand are humans. And like all groups of humans are made up of the good, bad and ugly. Just like in every other faith.

It’s an utter shame that an entire planet full of Muslims is being judged by the actions of probably less than one percent of us. And I use the ‘us’ very loosely, however I am not God.

People who have been oppressed and brainwashed and are fighting back the only way they know how and need justification for their actions. So they say they are fighting for their religion and their God. They twist the Quran and the teachings of our Prophet(peace be upon him) to suit their whims and fancies and to make themselves sleep a little better at night. Judging all Muslims by these people is like judging all Caucasians by the Ku Klux Klan or all Germans by Adolf Hitler!

I am not here to teach a history lesson, and believe me there’s a big lesson to be taught, I am here to ask all the non Muslims reading this if any of them has truly been treated badly by a Muslim in their everyday lives. Have all the Muslims you have come across your entire lives been blood thirsty, other-religion-hating fanatics? and have you never been treated with kindness, love and courtesy by a Muslim? The true tenets of Islam.
If you can honestly say every Muslim you have met, or even a majority of them have been this way, then I rest my case. But if it’s the reverse, then I ask you, why would you let the actions of a few wipe away the actions of many? Why would you let the people behind all this win by turning us against one another as enemies when we have lived together peacefully for years?

It is so heart breaking the number of people that have died and are still dying or suffering because of people’s greed and selfishness! And when you really educate yourselves you will understand that very single thing that is happening is being orchestrated by a very scheming group of people.

My family of four lives in an apartment building with three other families and in the entire compound, we are the only Muslims. All staff included! We have never given anyone any reason to say ‘Muslims are terrible people’ and I’m sure a lot of you live and work with Muslims too. Muslims that go about their daily activities alongside you without any issues. Muslims that invite you to their homes to celebrate Eid and other family celebrations. Muslims that visit you when you are sick, encourage you, support you and are generally just good people to you. People who are so ‘regular’ that you forget you aren’t one and the same except maybe they dress a little differently, excuse themselves to pray at certain times and don’t drink alcohol or eat pork!

I pray we all wise up before it’s too late. We are being used as pawns in someone’s game whether we like it or not and it’s painful to see.

Read a little about Islam. Ask a Muslim questions. Don’t believe everything you read or hear in the media and maybe, just maybe, we can flip the script on those behind the chaos and mayhem.
And like I always like to end when I speak on this topic:
‘Let them plan, verily Allah is the Best of planners. The All Knowing, The Wise’

Photo Credit: Dreamstime | Ginosphotos

Proud Muslimah, wife, mum and entrepreneur who is deeply affected by current world events and wishes to show anyone who wants to know the real teachings and practices of Islam.

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