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Sleep, Turn Up, Cinema, More SLEEP! What Are Your Weekend Plans?

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Nobody warned us about this life of adulting! Every time work, work, work when somebody is not Rihanna.

So when weekend comes…

*sigh of relief*

No, it doesn’t matter that there was two days of public holiday this week. Weekend is weekend – meant to be enjoyed, biko!

Wedding party?
Birthday party?
Laundry and house chores?
Cooking for the weekend?
Stuffing your face with food?
Binge-watching shows? (Please who has watched ‘13 Reasons Why‘ on Netflix… I have so many questions!!!!)

On this side of the globe, we have a long weekend. They gave us holiday on Monday… *side eye to the people south of the border*

The couch potato life will be too real this weekend!

So, BellaNaijarians…

What are your plans for the weekend?

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