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Not so Expressive But You Want to Show Appreciation? We’ve Got You



People who are expressive are the best. They love to have fun, can easily turn disaster into humor, prevent dull moments, are very generous, and most of all, seem to know exactly what to say to make people feel wanted or appreciated.

We would all love to be expressive. However, it’s just one of four personality types. A larger percentage of us are either analytical, drivers or amiable instead.

Of course, not being expressive is not the worst thing in the world. But what do you do when someone does something you’re really grateful for and you need to express yourself in a way that is heartfelt and sincere? Bets are you struggle to demonstrate your appreciation. Sure, you could just say thank you, or even shake hands. But we have all become so used to hearing those two words, that they’ve all but lost meaning.

While it’s not always easy to express appreciation in a way that seems genuine, here are some creative ways you can show it:

Give handmade gifts
Gifts are great, but handmade gifts have a way of tugging at the heartstrings. They are thoughtful and add a personal touch. If you really want to show your appreciation and words have failed you, give them something creative and personal. Nothing says “I appreciate you” like an investment of your time. You could knit a throw pillow or blanket for them, or you could make something as simple as a photo album with some fun quotes on each page capturing the memory shown on the page. Think about what kind of things the person likes and the things that appeal to them. It may seem basic, but it can be the most beautiful thing to them.

Feed them
Food! Yes, food is the gateway to almost every human’s heart. You can show appreciation to someone by inviting them over and cooking them a special meal. It could be as elaborate as a 3-course meal or just an entrée. If you are not the type to cook, you can order them something you know they enjoy eating or take them out to lunch or dinner. It doesn’t matter if the person lives in the same house as you do. Imagine cooking a meal for your wife and her arriving home to find the meal already set out on the table, with candles on the table. Cooking or feeding them will relieve the stress and cost of doing it for themselves. They only need to sit back, relax and chow. It is a wonderful way of saying “Thank You.”

Write a poem
Rather than send a quick e-mail or text saying thank you, sit down and write them a thoughtful poem. A poem, especially handwritten, is perhaps the loveliest way to show gratitude and appreciation. The poem does not have to be elaborate or have a perfect rhyme. It doesn’t have to be corny either. It only needs to be heartfelt. The recipient will appreciate your efforts that much more. In fact, people value written poems far more than other forms of thanks-so much that most display them proudly in their offices for all to see, often many years after they were received.

Take it to social media
We are in a digital world. People like to be tagged, retweeted, reposted, etc. They value any form of validation or recognition done on social media more than anywhere else, really. So, as silly as it may sound, showing your appreciation for the someone by giving a thumbs-up or a heart on something they have posted on social media goes a long way. Tapping on a screen or pressing a button to like a post might seem like a small thing, but in our digital age, the tiny act is a great and easy way to express gratitude. You can even decide to take it up a notch and repost the person’s picture or tag the person in a thank-you message. If you are not camera shy, you can even make a video saying why you appreciate the said person, then tag them.

Give compliments
Words are stronger than you imagine. Yes, saying things like “Thank you” or “I appreciate this” are common ways to show gratitude, but then, they can easily just roll of the sleeves. Being creative with the way you coin the words you say, however, can be magic. Rather than saying a mere “Thank you,” try giving compliments. Giving nice compliments makes the receiver feel special and appreciated, especially when the compliment negates a certain insecurity they may have. It also endears you to them and can become the first step toward a deeper relationship with them.

As William Arthur Ward said, “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” While you may not be the most expressive person, there are other creative ways you can pass the message across. We have listed a few, can you think of any others?

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