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Otolorin Olabode: Five Reasons Nigerians Might Vote APC In 2019



In 2015, Nigerians decided to say no to a government of oppression, depression and a leader who was incompetent.

16 years of misrule, maladministration and a fraudulent government, it was like the PDP charm had expired and the leaders were on a frantic mission to renew its efficacy.

The opposition party had been gaining popularity. Several PDP stalwarts were leaving the fold and embracing the change agenda. Their campaign promises worked like magic in the minds of people. It was like a revolution.

Almost all our streets were filled with billboards of Osinbajo and Buhari smiling at the masses. Promises of ₦5,000 as social security, employment opportunities, and improved electricity generation were made.

PDP was a mess. Several leaders left the party. Party leaders were at loggerheads. The umbrella was penetrated by rain. All these culminated in PDP’s loss in the 2015 elections.

However, the kind of change we all voted for in 2015 hasn’t arrived yet. We’ve run out of patience. We are fed up. The suffering has become even more intense. The rich keep enjoying, driving posh cars, eating nutritious meals, throwing money around. And the poor? They’re in a state of abandon, just like a dilapidated building.

Even as the 2019 general elections draws near, these are reasons why Nigerians might vote APC:

1. PDP Covets Power
PDP, the main opposition party, is hungry for power. They’re seeking for it in every state. They are obsessed with it, yet the party still has divisions within it. Already, the party has started making plans for 2019. Closed-door meetings with stakeholders have been held. However, it seems Nigerians won’t be fooled this time around. The damage done by the party in their 16 years of misrule is enough reason to even vote KOWA in 2019.

2. We’ve Started Seeing Changes
Already, APC has started fulfilling its campaign promises. From the school feeding programme to the employment generation (N-Power), the country seems to be stable again.

3. APC Needs To Be Given Time
Several infrastructural projects put in place in strategic states are ongoing and it might take beyond 2019 before they are completed. This might compel the average Nigerian to vote for them in 2019.

4. More Money Needs To Be Recovered
Remember the colossal amount of money recovered in those Lekki apartments? What about the ex-ministers who are being probed for the misappropriation of funds? Some of them are still undergoing investigation and if PDP is voted in, it might use the EFCC to witch-hunt the Buhari-led administration and terminate all money repatriation process.

5. 16 Years Of Agony
Every Nigerian probably remembers those years as a period of doom. Our oil reserves went down, the excess crude account started blinking “battery low.” It might take years to wipe away all of these from our memories.

However, it’s up to Nigerians to make the decision on who to vote for. It’s still disheartening to hear a vast majority of the voting population haven’t obtained PVC, which is the Power To Vote Your Choice. The battle between the two biggest parties looks tight, but as APC shocked the then ruling party in 2015, there might be a repeat of that in 2019 although APC has not done much to earn a return.

Otolorin Olabode is a music journalist, writer and critic. He lives for the art and he also has a thing for upcoming artistes and can be contacted via +23464717949 and can also be followed on Twitter: @The_Otolorin


  1. Fols

    August 10, 2018 at 7:36 pm

    Hmmm, guy, for these points you’ve made, “THEY” are coming for you in 3, 2, 1…

  2. lami

    August 10, 2018 at 8:45 pm

    Nice and informative

  3. nene+

    August 10, 2018 at 9:55 pm

    The monies Buhari recovered where are they? You have started seeing changes? See your eye doctor in the emergency room ASAP.
    Give them time- till we all go extinct and be replaced by cows?

    Abeg park well!!!! Mtcheeeew.
    May the life of Buhari’s supporters be like that of the people of Logo, Agatu, Riyom, Barkin Ladi, Benue valley, Nawarawa, Zamfara etc.

    The killer party that made boko haram a child’s play is what you want Nigerians to give time? Nigerians behold your enemy otolorin Olabode?.

  4. Analyst

    August 10, 2018 at 11:06 pm

    May I refresh the memories of Nigerians with this submission. During GEJ’s era, Boko Haram bombing was happening almost every week. From Baga to Nyanya. Boko Haram wouldn’t stop bombing churches and mosques. Chibok, Yobe students etc. To be honest, we hardly hear of such sporadic bombings these days. It isn’t yet Uhuru, but BH menace has dwindles over the years. Yes, we still have the unfortunate herdsmen crisis and killings in North Central but I believe that this PMB govt is capable of curtailing the excesses of these herdsmen if they can handle the deadly Boko Haram within 2 years. GEJ failed in this regard and the intelligent Nigerians know the the difference between then and now. Every other narrative is brewed from ethnic sentiment and tribal hatred. Nothing more. Opinions are subjective but facts are sacred. May I also mention that more than half of the Chibok girls are back and all but one of the Dapchi girls have returned to their homes.

    On job creation, we have always had this challenge in Nigeria for the past 25 years. Unemployment is a major issue. For those of us with good memory remember how 500,000+ Nigerian graduates filled stadia across the country to write aptitude test for the 4000 jobs after paying 1000 each. More than 20 Nigerians dies in the immigration jobs stampede. These are facts. The APC government has employed more than 500k graduates through N-Power. Yes, the pay from N-Power is meagre, but the government has kept graduates occupied unlike what obtained in GEJ’s era. 500,000 graduates may translate to helping 2m people. This is not enough I agree but there is a difference between now and then despite the huge earnings from Crude Oil. As for corruption, we have never recovered this much loot in Nigeria. Two ex governors (APC members), Dariye and Nyame are currently in jail. #Fact. This has never happened before.

    2019 elections is not rocket science. The choice is going to be one of Buhari, the PDP candidate (Atiku, Tambuwal or Lamido) and the “take it back” new boys (Moghalu, Sowore, and Durotoye). Politics is local in Nigeria and unfortunately, there are very few Nigerians capable of making informed decisions devoid of ethnic, tribal or religious sentiments when it comes to selecting competent leaders. We are divided along ethnic and tribal lines. For this reason, it is almost impossible for the most competent candidate (Moghalu, in my opinion) to win. Furthermore, he doesn’t have the financial muscle, political capital and foot soldiers to contest and win an election in the present day Nigeria.

    Having said that, the choice is between Buhari and a candidate from the PDP of old. Truth is Buhari is not perfect. He has a lot of flaws. However, it is very rare to find somebody with untainted integrity like Buhari and Osinbajo in a country like Nigeria. Most of PMB’s detractors would argue about his competence but non of them have been able to attack his integrity and tie him to corruption, not even the PDP. They only attack his lieutenants and appointees. For Buhari to operate at different levels of government for almost 4 decades and remain untainted is enough for me to choose him ahead of the PDP guys. PMB has been selling only one product to Nigerians for decades, his integrity. Integrity is a very strong currency and it trumps every other skill a leader is required to have. He may not be a professor of economics, he may be arrogant and snobbish, he may be stubborn but he truly loves Nigeria. Buhari’s followership is a religious one. His supporters are people you can’t buy with money. This is why he will win again. You may disagree with me now, but you will remember this post when the results are announced in March 2019. Buhari will win not because he is the best candidate but for the dearth of credible alternatives. God bless Nigeria.

    • nene+

      August 11, 2018 at 8:40 am

      He will not win in Jesus name?. He will not win because he is brazenly for himself and family. His son Yusuf was treated abroad, he is currently in th uk with the best doctors whilst people he made orphans , widows and widowers are morning the death by his Mayetti men??????????? My dear you hate Nigerians…… Buhari all not win period!

    • TheRealist

      August 11, 2018 at 10:12 am

      @Analyst, Buhari has NOT been “at different levels of government for almost 4 decades.” Rather, he was in government for about a collective 9 years (less than a decade) before his 2015 election. It is nonetheless rather instructive that in his very FIRST national position in government (well before many of us were even born) as Petroleum Minister and NNPC Chair, the first billion-dollar scandal in Nigeria erupted (the “missing” $2.8 billion NNPC debacle, which was subsequently declared as accounting “lapses”). Similarly, his second stint on the national stage as PTF chairperson, the post-morterm report of the Interim Management Committee was scathing in its criticism of the waste and corruption that thrived under his watch (leading to the popular re-christening of the PTF as the Petroleum Trust FRAUD).

      Sadly, it is a sign our collective desperation that a dude whose CV consisted primarily of a lopsided prosecution (some would argue persecution) of primarily Southern state governors (with the exception of one Northern state governor) under military tribunals with most of the rules of evidence and law suspended or simply ignored (and included throwing Fela into jail on trump-up currency charges) has been handed the keys to Aso Rock, even without as much as folks wondering how a retired Army General and herdsman could afford to send all of his kids to college abroad. Meanwhile, he is busying gallivanting the globe attending the opening of every envelope in foreign capitals while swathes of Nigeria burns and citizens slaughtered with impunity, as his hacks and apologists substantively seek to justify his incompetent and inept response by blathering on about how terrorist killings under his predecessor. SMDH

    • Fence

      August 11, 2018 at 10:45 am

      Yo u are very wicked —- Are you aware boko haram is very much still around ? infact civilians about 120 soldierswere killed by boko haram 3 weeks ago and secretly buried by the armed forces…

      for your information, the major difference now is tat media houses are under threat by nbc/the government not to report the cases….smh

    • Ronke

      August 11, 2018 at 11:55 pm

      An army of e-warriors have been paid to regurgitate talking points for this administration. Gtfoh

  5. Joe

    August 10, 2018 at 11:49 pm


  6. Dayo

    August 11, 2018 at 6:35 am

    Perhaps somebody should inform this hack that our choices are no longer limited to the evil twins APC and PDP.

  7. Diamond

    August 11, 2018 at 10:17 am

    Stupid narrative from an APC goon!

    We don’t want PDP and we don’t want APC. Truth is: the political boko haram that unleashed death and tears on Nigeria during GEJ era because power must return to the north are the beneficiary of this APC government. They are different from the original boko haram lead by the extra-judicially killed Yusuf. That doesn’t excuse the inability of the incompetent GEJ-led government to nip them. Now we have another grossly-incompetent senile president and you and your paid jobbers are here yarning dust. Rubbish!

  8. TT

    August 11, 2018 at 1:50 pm

    Why BellaNaija wil post such narrow-minded piece is still a question am trying to answer.

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