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#LiterallyWhatsHot: A Young Woman Struggles with Identifying Herself in ‘The Inn At Sunset Harbour’ by Sophie Love



The Inn At Sunset Harbour is the first in an exciting trilogy that follows the journey of Emily Jane Mitchell as she rediscovers the wonder of life, love, and belonging.

Sophie Love does a wonderful job at painting the most vivid and beautiful picture of a young woman’s struggles with identifying her place in a society that she has forgotten to love. The book is beautifully worded, purely imaginative and succinctly expressed. It is a light, breezy read that literally has you flying through the pages without even knowing it. She tells a story that is grounded in the moment, yet hints at a very promising future. Sophie is indeed a master of the art of suspense.

As layer after layer of the story unfolds, forgiveness and sacrifice take center stage. Human beings are prone to show their flaws and make mistakes. When that happens, it all comes down to making hard decisions and choices of either walking away from everything or seeking penance and understanding. The consequences of these spur of the moment choices can always be felt for many generations to come.

We realize through the pages of this book that there is no bigger sacrifice than one borne out of love, the type of love that is deeper than what the flesh understands but can be felt within the soul.  This type of emotion gives strength to bear all things and beat all odds (cue Celine Dion “Because you loved me”).

The story is told entirely from the perspective of the main character, Emily. It is refreshing to see how her outlook on life and her thoughts gently evolve through the book, as she goes from stuck up New Yorker to girl-next-door. She grapples with her own emotions and learns to accept herself as what she wants to be, refusing to base her existence on the identity that has been thrust upon her from different angles. She slowly owns up to her responsibilities as a neighbour, a friend, a daughter, a sister and perhaps most importantly, a lover. Through all of this, she finally realizes for herself who she truly is and what her dreams can be.

The Inn At Sunset Harbour is definitely a book you should look out for and thoroughly enjoy with a relaxing glass of whatever you like to drink.

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