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Isaac Charles: The 10,000 Hour Psychobabble – Hard Work or Nah?

Hard work is still a prerequisite for success. Even if you don’t make it to the heights, your effort would still account for something, even if it is personal satisfaction on the course of your life’s purpose.



The 10,000 hours philosophy might be regarded as pop psychology mumbo jumbo. Hard work is a key factor in realising success, but when the stars align, they align.

Intellectuals can be frustrating sometimes, with always trying to make the metaphysical seem insignificant. Everything is logic to them, so they concoct mumbo jumbo that seems comprehensive to them alone.

What the hell is 10,000 hours?

I bought the book last year and I was taken aback. I refuse to bash anyone for their opinion. To each is own. Na God know wetin Malcolm Gladwell see wey he take write the book.

I am always careful of the things I read because some s**t will worm into your consciousness and affect you for eons to come. What Malcolm Gladwell is saying is, you can’t amount to anything in your chosen career if you didn’t start early.

Stoke your passion, devote time to it and seek ways to improve and be visible.You can’t determine or decide what happens next. You can’t decide your fanbase or followers, the kings you are going to sit with, the awards you might win or the rate of your acceptance, the number of likes and comments, and the rate of conversion.

That is why Christiansare admonished to brim full with faith and be positive in our thinking.

Luck is mysterious. It is just hard to explain. It is inexplicable and contrary to the laws of nature. How do you explain Kim Kardashian‘s rise to fame and fortune for being famous, Big Shaq‘s incoherent drivel that turned him into a global sensation, and even Olajumoke from 2016? What were the chances of Barack Obama winning the 2018 American presidential elections, or a black Meghan Markle being engaged to a prince.

Is Big Shaq a global sensation today because his songs are timeless classics? Or is Olajumoke, the only bread seller with the features of a runway model? Or how hard did she have to work? Is Wizkid the international superstar he is today because his songs are quintessential?

Are our lives predetermined? Is the concept of “work hard” misleading, considering the countless stars that are yet to shine, careers that are yet to take off, great voices that are yet to be heard, books that are yet to make New York Times Bestseller list, even though they are sweating buckets in honing their skills.

Hard work is still a prerequisite for success. Even if you don’t make it to the heights, your effort would still account for something, even if it is personal satisfaction on the course of your life’s purpose.

But you can’t succeed in making divinity seem less significant.

We get opportunities because of luck. We work hard and implement a strategy to ride the wave, turn that opportunity into a consistent reality of bliss and convenience. You see, hard work is still a key factor.

Yes, call me idealistic or illogical, but understand that I am not encouraging people to leave the course of their lives entirely up to fate. By all means, go hard(or die from impoverishment) but it is natural for humans to exaggerate their capacity for the glory and admiration from their fellow mortals. Every one claims to be self made these days.

Our lives can change in a fortnight. Never stop working and never stop believing. Balance it out. Nose to the grindstone, shoulder to the wheel. Give it your best shot. You give luck a chance to strike by working hard.

I wish everybody a rollicking rest of 2019.

Isaac Charles is an alumnus of the prestigious 02 academy. He is a writer, content creator, advertising/entertainment enthusiast and real estate marketer. He has written for some online platforms and his works have been praised by Facebook friends and every one with good taste Isaac is a soon-to-be bestselling author as his books will be published this year without fail. He is a level headed idealist who spends a lot of time by himself as should all right thinking creatives. Isaac was born sometime in the 80s to the sound of a transformer exploding in the next street. There is still some disagreement as to whether it was a transformer or a car backfiring but regardless, it makes for a great conversation opener.

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