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Tari Taylaur: Who is Controlling your Mind in 2021?



After all the hard knocks and shake-ups that 2020 had to offer, we are finally in a new year! Many have breathed a sigh of relief that the most tumultuous year of their life experience has passed and are now wooing 2021 to be more kind and gentle than its predecessor.

The mindset we embrace in any given situation goes a long way in shaping the emerging outcomes. As we proceed one day at a time into the uncharted terrain that a new year brings, one question that is important to reflect on is, who is controlling our minds? 

We may recoil at the thought that anyone is controlling our minds, after all, no one likes to think of themselves as ‘sheep’. But on closer introspection, you’ll realise that we have all, at one time or the other, allowed certain influences to gain access into our minds and determine the things we do.


How many times in a day do you pore over the social media accounts of any of your ‘faves’ and then make a decision based on something you see, hear or read? Perhaps it was a decision to buy something you didn’t really need, or maybe you felt the pressure and then decided to embark on a certain action path as a result of what the celebrity was projecting at the time. No man is an island, we are all influenced by others in one way or the other. But it is important that in 2021, life is not business as usual, especially when it comes to making decisions that will ultimately affect your destination in life.

Celebrities are people like you and me. This means that they are subject to the same vulnerabilities, insecurities, fears, need for affirmation, and mistakes that we all struggle with each day. Why take their posts, tweets, declared ‘wins’, and every other thing they churn out as gospel?


Have you ever tried staying away from the news, gossip blogs, and other such sources of information for even a day? How come you immediately feel this sense of peace and wellness that may have eluded you before? You may want to consider the fact that news platforms are businesses, and the information they pump out every minute is their product. To remain in business, they need you hooked on to their site.

It’s great to be informed, but let it be on your own terms. Do not believe everything you read or hear. Do not react to everything that makes the current news cycle. Learn to lean back and take everything with a pinch of salt until you have verified the facts. And when you verify, think objectively about how you choose to be impacted by that piece of information. 

Social Media Influencers

How often do you make a decision based on the promptings of one influencer or the other? Someone receives a cheque to convince you to act in a way that is more to their own advantage than yours, and you are going to keep opening yourself up to be led by what they say? Of course, there are a handful of positive influencers for every horde of negative ones but how about being your own influencer? Don’t be the ‘dead sea’ where anyone can come and dump unsolicited advice on how to live your life. Read, expand your imagination, make your own decisions, and lead yourself on the right path. 

Friends and Family

This is the diciest one because, most times, they come with the best intentions. But well-intentioned false information is just as destructive as the one that comes from an enemy. Research shows that the majority of misinformation about COVID-19 last year was spread via broadcast messages from friends and family. We all love the people in our lives and want the best for each other, but even love must pass through the filter of truth and veracity. Please be guided!

It is my prayer that we all enjoy a peaceful and prosperous 2021. However, this will depend largely on the thoughts we allow to dominate our minds. Let us be intentional about standing firm this year, not being tossed about by every wave of emotion and information. No matter what this year may bring about, you remain the most qualified architect of your own destiny. 

Have a splendid year ahead, and stay safe!


Photo credit: Dreamstime