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#FathersDay: If ‘Awesome’ Was a Person, It Would Be Esther’s Father



We asked you beautiful BellaNaijarians to celebrate your fathers and help him a free spa date with ORÍKÌ Spa by sharing a compelling story about him.

Esther has penned this heartfelt essay about her father, and she is thankful for him being there for her at all times.


Who’s your daddy?

My daddy is super cool to be with. He’s witty, a wonderful caregiver and a wise leader. He is a provider, protector and pastor. His constant show of empathy and compassion helped me see life from a unique perspective. His regular show of generousity has made me altruistic. His prayers and daily “God bless you” have sincerely helped me. It did not really matter if there was no money at home, as long as daddy was around, we would not sleep hungry. Like a camping tent cover, my dad received the elements of the outside world and kept us under his shade so we could have a feel of Disneyland right there in our apartment in Mushin. If awesome was a person, it would be him.

I have had a lot of fun moments with him, and there is always something to learn from him. The way he handles situations wisely has taught me how to deal with difficulties. His tenacity and sacrifice makes me challenge myself to do more. When things got spoilt in the house, the look on his face screams, “Can we fix it? Yes, we can.”

His sarcasm taught me to calm down and do reality checks befors I talk and to the things I hear. I remember when I was in primary six and I asked him to buy me two more puff-puff and he said “why two, take 20?” I legit stood there thinking I’d get more. It took me a few moments to realize that buying 20 puff puff was not realistic.

My dad holds the record of the person I have had the longest arguments with. From deeply sensitive issues, to moral and ethical discussions, political debates, right approach to solving Nigeria’s problems, religious doctrines, and even our regular basis arguments have given me critical thinking skills and knowledge that cannot be found in any library on earth. Even our arguments on which Kardashian is the oldest (this was before Google became easily accessible) taught me how fact remains fact despite diverse opinions and no amount of debating would make Khloe older than Kourtney. Well, for the record, he won most of our arguments, including this one.

I remember early morning school walks to the bus stop where the school bus would pick me up daily. Daddy would walk as though we were doing a military parade and would insist on punctuality. I involuntarily had walking briskly as my early morning routine, I later discovered that this helps build stamina, keeps the heart healthy and improves brain health. Perhaps it helped play a role in increasing the number of As I got on my report card?

Growing up, and having my father to help was amazing. The fact that I had to go through physiotherapy as a baby with dad and mum trying to reduce all the pain that came with the therapy sessions. All the drug and vitamins  purchase that he made was impertinent to health and wellness at that growing stage in my life. Up to this very moment, you hold my health and that of my siblings as top priority. You always say health is very important and that we mustn’t take it for granted.

Daddy, I love you.

Thank you for the first school run. Thank you for making Bible study fun. Thank you for all you do since my life began.

You are my daddy today, and forever.

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