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Dennis Isong: Facilities a House for Rent Should Not Lack

One of the things people look out for before renting a house is how secure it is.

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House owners complain about how people do not value their property but what they fail to do is assess the real problem(s). To be realistic, if people are not getting anything worthwhile from your property, you can’t blame them for their lack of enthusiasm.

I know a house where tenants only get water from the well during the rainy season. Once the rain stops being frequent, they go back to experiencing drought.

Renting out your house is not the problem but the question is if it has all the catchy facilities that can actually capture the attention of prospective tenants.

Water supply

We all know how important water is to our daily lives. A borehole in a rental apartment is a big plus. This is essential, especially in Nigeria where we rarely get water from the water cooperation, so people would watch out for the availability of water before they rent your house.


A standard house for rent must have security personnel guarding the property. Security measures must also be made to ensure that unwanted persons do not gain access to the property. 


A proper house for rent should have a cleaner that ensures the cleanliness of the environment. Many house owners believe the tenants are supposed to do the cleaning,  however, times have changed and people no longer want to live in an apartment whose environs they have to clean and maintain by themselves.

Bathroom amenities

The plumbing fixtures, shower and tub should be in good condition. If it’s an old building and you expect your tenants to do a remodel or renovation in future, you should let them know before they move in, not after. 

Parking space 

Tenants who own cars would need a place to park their cars. This should be put into consideration. Unfortunately, parking spaces are no longer a priority in Nigeria. Some homeowners wouldn’t even mind building on a space meant for cars.

Properly tiled floor

By now, it is expected that houses in Nigeria are meant to be tiled. Gone are the days when floors are left bare. In this present age, a house without a tiled floor is not considered modern.

Gated compound

One of the things people look out for before renting a house is how secure it is, and this includes if the house has a gate or not, and what type of gate it is. If your house has no gate, it might be difficult getting people to rent it. Apart from security, people like to have their privacy. No random person on the street needs to know the activities going on in the compound.

So homeowners, if you want to rent out your properties, ensure that things are put in place to make your tenants as comfortable as they can be.



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