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#BNCelebratingLove: Ngozi’s Love is Forever and Always

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Love beyond the moment was what kept us going during our long-distance relationship. We talked on the phone every day, sending messages and video calls to bridge the gap. It wasn’t easy, but our love was worth it. We talked about our hopes and dreams, our fears and struggles. We supported each other, even from afar.

As time went by, we started planning our future together. We dreamed of the day when we would finally be in the same place, building a life together. And even though it seemed like it would never happen, our love never faded. And then, finally, the day arrived. Our love was just as strong as it had always been, and, continued to grow.

Love beyond the moment was what our long-distance relationship was all about. And now, as we look back on our journey together, we know that our love will last a lifetime.


The #BNCelebratingLove Valentine Campaign is supported by Hingees – one of Nigeria’s finest clothing brands.

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