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Cocktail Hour with Elles Icebox: Fruit Smoothie



I’m very excited to introduce BellaNaija readers to the wonderful world of Elles Icebox. You see, Elles Icebox was birthed after I attended an event where there was a lack of innovative and aesthetically presentable cocktails. This got me thinking about providing this service across the country… I had to share the gospel of cocktails. Six years later, this dream has been made a successful reality.

Running a cocktail business definitely has its crazy moments, but my favorite part is the cocktail hour. I usually have a cocktail every day. Yes, I said it. Every evening, I walk through the door, kick my shoes off, mix a quick delicious little cocktail at our living room bar and then kick back and watch some TV.
So, every weekend, I’m going to share quick recipes of cocktails which you can try at home. Delicious, easy to make and they come with NO stress at all.

This cocktail is for the extra healthy you – all fruit, and no alcohol – (shockingly). I’m sure you can guess I have this once a month.

It’s a mix of an array of fruits you can find all around, and  if you add in fruits that you have a personal preference for,  you get your own personal smoothie blend. I have recommended some below but, feel free to add on one or two of your personal favorites.

1 Mango
3 Strawberries
1 Banana
6 chunks of Pineapple
6 chunks of Watermelon
6 cubes of ice

And half a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice

You start by cutting all your fruit into chunks that fit easily into your blender, so as not to push the blender too hard.

Then add the ice cubes first and then all your fruit on top. Put them all in the blender and blend till smooth. Each fruit has vitamins Banana – has fiber and potassium, strawberries – contain anthocyanins which burn fat – (winner in my book), Pineapple -vitamin C, watermelon – contain Vitamin A & C is said to help lower blood pressure.

All these wonderful nutrients and vitamins have been smoothly mixed together in a healthy sweet smoothie to get you off to a great start for the day!



Elles Icebox was started by Chizoba Okpala in 2009 a graduate of University of Lagos and LBS alumni. After working for a multi-national she has the chance of attending an event that lacked in innovative and aesthetically presentable cocktails which introduced the idea of providing this as a service across the country. Six years later this dream has been made a successful reality that is realized every day. Today, Elle Icebox is an indigenous events support service company. We cater to individuals and organizations providing uniquely designed cocktails at each special event. Our services are delivered with our customer’s satisfaction in the forefront of our minds. Our services are of international standard which ensures customer satisfaction at each of our events each and every time.

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    June 21, 2014 at 6:46 pm

    Hmmm yummy…. Thanks ma’am..


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