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Ojinika Obiekwe: Behind The Stories – 12 Years & Counting | The Godfather of Soul



Ojinika-223Ojinika Obiekwe‘s vivacious spirit is evident when she gets in front of the camera. This hardworking and professional journalist, has worked for the past 12 years wearing multiple hats just to get the job needs to be done.  At BellaNaija, while we seek to entertain and educate, we also hope to inspire our readers and show them that there are people who keep striving  to make a difference in their chosen careers. In this vein, we spoke with Oji and shared her story with you.{Click here if you missed it}.

As she looks back on her journey so far, she has chosen to share 12 memorable stories from her career. As she recalls her growth path and the lessons she has learned, she hopes to reach as many people as she forges ahead to an even brighter future.

Read part X of her chronicles below:


It was at least maybe 10 years ago, maybe 9? Old age won’t let me remember. I do remember I was still working on the Assignment Desk and field producing at the time.

As a field producer, part of my job was to conduct interviews out in the “field” – hence the job title. The only thing’s that no one gets to see you when the story airs; but I’d always spot my hand holding the microphone. It’s funny because if I field produce a story and it’s airing, I would always look to see if my hand makes it in the shot I would say “yay, there’s my hand on tv”…I actually thought that was cool and it was, to me.

One of my coolest field producing moments was when I heard my Executive Producer at the time say, you can send Oji. My ears stood up, as I wondered send Oji to where biko? My amebo doesn’t have a cure at all. It turned out James Brown was in town and giving a free concert and he was available to press for interviews.

So, they sent Oji and I gladly went. Like, it’s friggin James Brown…one of the most talented musicians of our time.
I honestly never knew the genius that man was till I saw the movie “Get On Up”
Don’t get me wrong, I always knew he was a big deal…I just never realized how big a deal.

The free concert was at some huge park…can’t remember which one – I know it wasn’t Central Park though
But that’s where we were told to meet him. I remember he was wearing a burgundy velvet suit, he was there with his wife, and was just loud and proud and everything in between.

We of course talked about his music and the concert, but people who really know me know I’m obsessed with health and wellness and cleanses and diets; so I asked him about that.
It wasn’t a random question…he had lost a lot of weight, not in a bad way, he just looked really good – much slimmer and healthier than I had ever seen him.

So I asked what he had done…he let me in on the secret.
He does it twice a year and guaranteed me it would change my life if I tried it. I promised I would.
I didn’t at the time…I never had the time to and I had to do my research and find the right person to do it.
Truth is, I honestly didn’t really know what it was when he told me about it, but I’d heard of it, and when i got back home and looked it up, I thought hmmmm, interesting.

My friend and I always talked about doing it…I’ve heard other celebrities swear by it, so I knew I’d do it, I just didn’t know when I ended up buying the procedure as a present for my friend and I to do together for her birthday.

I hadn’t gone for the procedure when I went to interview the cast of the movie, the director made fun of me for not keeping my promise to do it. But I did eventually get it done after the interview.
Not right after o.
I’m crazy, but not that crazy jor.

The verdict?
Mr. Brown was right…it is life changing. I just felt better. Thanks James Brown.

I definitely will go back for more; that’s the plan
I’m sure at this point you’re wondering if I’m going to say what the procedure is or not I reveal what it is in the interview below so watch and see.

FYI: Some people might find it disgusting or strange; possibly both.
And if you do…Sorry in advance, haha!

With a career in television that has spanned more than a decade, Ojinika Obiekwe is a Nigerian-born Emmy award-winning journalist who has interviewed people from all walks of life - from A-list celebrities to politicians to the newsmakers of our time. A chance encounter brought her to New York’s WPIX-TV/Channel 11 as an intern. Now as a producer/correspondent for PIX11 Morning News, Ojinika not only writes and produces for the news program but also steps in front of the camera to interview some of Hollywood's biggest names which include the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington, Jennifer Aniston and many more.


  1. lady B

    November 23, 2014 at 9:05 pm

    Please, what is it? Couldn’t watch the video on this outdated(Lol) phone of mine.
    More grease to your elbow. All the very best.

  2. Hawaii bob

    August 11, 2015 at 3:20 pm

    Aloha CLASSY SEC C OJINIKA should do Revlon lipstick / eye make up ads Sheez BREATHTAKING aloha hb

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