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Jesmine Onyeukwu: Your Bedroom Is Your Special Place! Here’s How to Keep it Organised



Profile photo for BellaNaijaThe bedroom is the most personal space in the home. It is place intended primarily for sleeping, for relaxation, meditation and intimacy. Our bedroom is an expression of who we are and how we live. It’s so personal a space that it allows us express ourselves confidently without holding back hence it is only required that we to pay close attention to the details of the space.

Did you know that a chaotic bedroom can affect a person’s physical and mental health? In addition, it can affect relationships as well. I have heard some excuses for leaving the bedroom chaotic like “I leave for work early; I get too busy to be bothered”.
“The kids just make a mess of everything right after, so I gave up on stuff like bed making”.
“Make my bed? There are a host of other more important activities to attend to”.

The people who scoop up these kind of excuses have a tendency to regularly feel stressed but seem to be oblivious to the fact that some of the stress is as a result of the chaos in their immediate environment. Chaos in the bedroom can hinder sleep and cause fatigue. Nothing ruins a beautiful morning like a cluttered and chaotic bedroom. Less mess equals less stress; simple fact!

Wonder why people desire vacations outside their homes when they need to destress? Everyone wants a hotel room experience because hotels have mastered the act of keeping their rooms very organised, thereby providing a calming and soothing experience for guests.

In discussing bedroom organization, it is important to touch on all the areas of a bedroom space because there is a connection between all those aspects and no detail should be overlooked. It is important that the planning and design process of your bedroom should involve space organization basics.
How about we get right down into how to turn our dear bedrooms into our own sanctuaries by learning and mastering some fixes that can help improve both its view and feel?
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Design fixes
A bedroom organizing challenge can be as a result of slip-ups in the design of the room. Slip-ups like an inappropriately small square footage or a poorly lit room; but not to worry, there are fixes and tricks that can transform any bedroom into a dream bedroom. Simple efforts like moving your furniture away from your walls and angling them can make a small room appear bigger; you see the trick!

Fix 1. Reduce the size of your furniture or angle it to provide more room in a small sized room.

Fix 2. Create the illusion of a bigger space and with a large mirror on one angle of the room.

Fix 3. Add more lighting to a dull room for a brighter and cheerful feel.

Fix 4. Use a vertically oriented storage system to clear up floor space.

Style fixes
The bedroom style is ideally influenced by who the space is meant to serve and what effect the owner of the room hopes to achieve. A bedroom theme and wall colour choice for adults is preferably neutral and calm while those for younger people would mostly be vibrant and dramatic. Style is an important factor when organizing a bedroom space because a properly styled bedroom would always be appealing and never out of style. These fixes will help in choosing colours, textures and furnishing for your resting space.

Fix 5. Create a theme that reflects your personal style, but with a lasting effect.

Fix 6. Use wall colours that are appropriate for the room temperature and your age.

Fix 7. Choose patterns and colours that complement each other for the wall, floor and accessories.

Fix 8. Moderately mix different textures and tones in your bedroom while maintaining balance.

Decorating fixes
To keep the bedroom beautiful, comfortable and orderly at the same time, you must give the décor serious consideration. Use decorative pieces that appeal not only to your personal style but also to your personal well being. Accent pillows, cashmere throw, floor length bed skirt, a woven rug, a duvet, floor length curtains etc. can deliver a punch of pattern, scale, textures and warmth to any bedroom space. It doesn’t always take a lot to make a beautiful bedroom, but note that a well decorated bedroom should reflect serenity, stability and functionality.

Fix 9. Get a quality mattress and blanket that will improve the quality of your sleep.

Fix 10. Mount your curtains higher, fix a rug by your bed and finish with a bed skirt for a stylish look.

Fix 11. Use the right amount of standard/accent pillows. From 2-6 depending on the size of your bed.

Fix 12. Keep your bedding and pillow cases fitted and duvet tucked-in for ease of straightening.

Storage fixes
Functional furnishing and savvy storage systems are your fixes for bedroom storage. When choosing every piece of bedroom furniture, keep storage in mind. Consider those that have built-in storage and multiple uses. Beds aren’t just built for sleep anymore, use yours for storage too.
An ottoman has multiple uses; it can be used for storage, as a table and for seating. Let’s get to some savvy storage solutions for your sanctuary.

Fix 13. A dresser, ottoman and sets of deep drawers can provide additional storage function.

Fix 14. Use a nightstand with drawers not just to hold flowers and lamps but also to store books, etc.

Fix 15. Use under-the-bed storage as an extension of your closet. Take advantage of headboard storage too.

Fix 16. Create a de-clutter system and schedule to tame piles and excesses.

Maintenance fixes
Maintaining order in the bedroom is easy with the right fixes which include a clear set of rules for the space and the ability to use the space for nothing other than its purpose. This aspect is pretty much where you deal with all those excuses mentioned above. Make your bedroom rules clear, live by your rules and everyone else will follow suit. Remember, kids model our behaviours; so please don’t make them an excuse as that’s not cool.
Activities that involve work and entertainment should be kept somewhere else in the home or else of course you live in a studio apartment because these activities can keep you up later than necessary, interfere with your rest and can make the space chaotic. Obtain daily motivation by developing the habit of keeping order.

Fix 17. Make your bedroom rules clear to yourself and everyone. Rule No1. Make bed daily! It only takes about 3 minutes.

Fix 18. Create a reading/lounging nook with a settee, arm chairs, table, an ottoman or bedside bench.

Fix 19. Take the TV, home office, etc. out of the bedroom.

Fix 20. Get creative and explore a host of decorating/storage ideas.

Have fun! It’s your sanctuary, after all. You truly deserve an impression of delight every time you step foot in your bedroom; a room with a calm and appealing feel, with everything kept in place and where rest is easy. It will require a little or probably a reasonable amount of effort but I am confident you will find it worthy afterwards.

These fixes also get you equipped for getting your room guest-ready and guests are appreciative and are better company when they get a good rest experience.

Please do share any other fixes you may have tried, I would be delighted to learn some more
Your enquires are always welcome.

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