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Osisiye Tafa: 5 Things You Did Not Know About Olumo Rock



Just the other day, I went to Olumo Rock and apart from the wide vista, aerial view and granite structures, there’s a lot that struck me. I will share with you.

Goats are good climbers
Oh, you already know that? Wait, this is not the kind of article that tells you things you already know. I am not that kind of writer, ask my friends.

The goats there are unafraid. I am serious. They even photo-bomb sometimes. And if you go towards them to take a picture, they will strike a pose. The best part which I know you don’t believe, they come and meet you where you’re eating like ‘Hey man, is that Nigerian jollof rice? I have heard so much about it. Let me try some’.
People will be like ‘I’m lying, writers like to lie’.

True, writers like to lie; d’you know what pressure we deal with? But I’m not that kind of writer, so here, pictures.


Customized Hand Stuff
There’s a gallery there where you can get customized bracelets. It’s really cool. While you walk around the gallery, the curator spreads some paint on your hand accessory for just Five Hundred Naira.

There’s so much history on those grounds, man. I admit, it doesn’t show at the foot of the mountains cos that’s all iron railings and like anything manmade, it is ugly, but once you go up the first flight of steps, you are transported to the ancient times when survival was the basis of life. The shrines, the grave of Chief Sonny, the war hideout, the hidden room for copulation and sitting in the midst of all this is this: the 150 year old woman, as old as time itself, watching over the mountains, meeting waves and waves of visitors without changing. As I walked from shrine to grave to war hideout, it reminded me how much the history of humanity has revolved around the same things: war, sex and spirituality.

Orisa Igun Shrine

Chief Sonny’s Grave

Shrine. Did you know that no one has ever fallen on the rock? Legend has it that the gods protect all inhabitants.

Private Room

The Poetry of the Earth
This is something I cannot really explain: it is the music of the mountains, the feel of dried leaves crunching under shoes, the sound of dried teak leaves drifting to the earth, the call of the birds; it all combines to something. Now, this is something I cannot describe but I am not the kind of writer to leave things as they are. Here, more pictures:

Short Dash
If you have some time after this, pay a visit to FUNAAB Zoo which is twenty minutes away. The zoo hands are friendly and will give you a guided tour of the park. It’s quite a hike though, wear comfortable shoes!

Photo Credits: TVP Adventures, @TheB aba29 and Osisiye

Osisiye Tafa is a banker by day, and writer by night. He has been published on The Guardian, Kalahari Review, The Culture Trip, Arts & Africa, BusinessDay, Y-Naija among others. He writes faction - fictionalized telling of actual events - which he shares on his TinyLetter journal. His debut book, ‘Sixty Percent of a True Story’ is available on Amazon and Roving Heights


  1. tunmi

    March 1, 2017 at 7:47 pm

    omgosh!!!! Movie/tv series ideas abound just looking at these photos. I know Adekunle Gold and Olamide featured the Olumo rock or some aspect of Abeokuta in their music videos.

    This would be such a fun trip

  2. Blessing

    March 1, 2017 at 8:12 pm

    Pls I need more enlightenment. Who’s Chief Sonny?

    • TVP Adventures

      March 1, 2017 at 10:34 pm

      Chief Sonny was one of the clan heads whose family house was beside the rock. He is buried underneath the rock, as it is customary to be buried beside your home. These and many more fascinating stories can be learned on any of our trips to Olumo Rock, Badagry, Erin Ijesha, Ikogosi Warm Springs, Kenya, Zanzibar, Obudu…you name it, we can take you there.

  3. Helper

    March 1, 2017 at 10:20 pm

    full name: chief Sonni osi-toko
    job: curator of olumo rock

  4. TVP Adventures

    March 1, 2017 at 10:36 pm

    It was a pleasure having you on the trip to Olumo Rock, Osisiye. We hope to host you again on one of our trips. Others can also join – check out our calendar at

  5. Nunulicious

    March 1, 2017 at 10:43 pm

    I. Saw the 2nd picture and thought hope the split no go tear your yansh. Then I scrolled through looking for picture of the goat begging you for jollof rice.
    Copulation room? Whaaat?! One day sha, I will visit olumo rock with le boo

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