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#BeInspired Mondays with IK: It is Your Responsibility



One of the major signs of maturity is owning up to one’s actions, and accepting responsibility for the consequences (positive or negative) of such.

You are responsible for all your decisions and actions, nobody can influence your decisions and actions except you allow them to. Whatever happens as a result of your action or inaction, as an adult, is because you allowed it to happen, and not really because your mentor told you to take those steps.

It is good to listen to people’s comments about you or advice to you, but in the end, the choice of what to do or not do with that information is yours to make.

We need to stop putting the blame on friends, family, church, mosque, community, leaders, or school, and look inward to see who really calls the shots – You.

Don’t blame your failures on people’s statements to or about you.

Dealing with Negative Comments

If people call you stupid, it’s just their opinion, there is a possibility that it’s not true. If they say “go to hell!”, it’s an advice, it’s not compulsory you carry it out. If they say you will never amount to anything in life, it’s a statement, do not let it bother you. Your mind is not a dumpsite, where every Tom, Tonia, Dick, Daisy, Harry and Harriet can deposit anything, leaving you messed up. It’s in your power to make decisions that will enhance your life, irrespective of the comments about you.

Perhaps, people’s opinions of you have messed up your life, maybe as a child, you just need to change your mindset: You are the only one of your kind, you are an original, a unique being with wonderful untapped potentials and capacities, no one is like you, and you have the capacity, just like everyone else, to lead a successful life. This is not some motivational mantra to elate you, it is truth. It can be difficult, but not impossible.

Another important thing is changing your association. If you walk with five wise people, there is a high possibility that you’ll be the sixth, if you are not one already.

In some situations, the truth hurts, and it is important we recognise when someone’s comment about you, irrespective of the pain it is bringing, is coming from a good place – a place of truth. You are the most difficult person you can lie to, and if you screen comments about you, you’ll be able to sieve the truth, if there is any, from them, and take necessary action or inaction.

Cheers and Happy Easter! Do you have contributions or questions? Let’s talk in the comments section.


  1. Telly

    April 17, 2017 at 2:53 pm

    Wow!!! I’m really impressed with this piece. I’m reading your article for the first time. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    • IK Nwosu

      April 17, 2017 at 11:11 pm

      Thank you Telly. There’s more every Monday at 2PM.

  2. Teekay

    April 18, 2017 at 8:21 am

    Changing association is key because i realised i was always the one motivating people and never get motivated.i think you need to have someone that you are accountable to as well, when you are falling and living below expectations you need someone to drag you up literally.
    I realised that adulthood comes with so many decisions and you would make mistakes,people will always speak but you donot let your circumstances define your identity…;
    Thank you for this write up. God bless you

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