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Nkechi Busari-Okoro: 11 Tips To Help You Stay Motivated as a New Mom



Having a baby is a wonderful thing. It’s a privilege that God has given us to create life. Caring for your baby is also a privilege; people pray for these things world over, on a daily basis. It shouldn’t be taken for granted.
From experience, I know that caring for your new baby can be very demanding – physically, emotionally, psychologically. I previously wrote an article about things no one warned me about being a new mum.

I guess this article can serve as a kind of “solution” for those challenging times. Here are a few tips to help you relax and stay motivated

Get help
Your baby will be very fine without you. You, on the other hand, might not be…if you’re over-worked. Let someone take care of your baby for a few hours. That way, you can have more time to relax, or to do house chores.

Treat yourself
Treat yourself to a manicure/pedicure session. Treat yourself to a new hairdo. Try shopping for new clothes or shoes. Your feet are probably half a size larger now, anyway.

Do things you enjoy
Some things I enjoy doing indoors are: reading blogs and playing phone games. Even though they sound basic, they help me relax.

Date night (or Date afternoon)
It might be tricky to leave your baby at home to have dinner with your husband for an extended period of time in the evening. Why not try afternoon? Saturday, Sunday? Talk about things you love about each other, gossip, eat dessert, laugh!

Go out with friends
You remember how you used to “hangout” with your friends when you did not have a baby? You might need some of that girl time now.

Work out
Thirty minutes of work out never hurt anyone. Download a workout app to your phone and use it. Sign up at a gym, and use it. On the days I work out, I feel energized and motivated.

Watch movies
This is a personal fave. I love going to the cinema. You can even go with baby, just make sure baby is protected from the cold. Alternatively, you can just “netflix and chill”.

Take a long bath
The feeling of warm water against my skin is one of the most refreshing experiences for me. It’s as though the feeling sends a trigger to my brain that makes my brain release soothing hormones into my blood stream.

Take a walk
Sometimes, all you need is time alone. Time to breath, time to think, time away. Try walking around your neighbourhood early in the mornings or in the evenings, to avoid the tropical scorching sun. The fresh air is enough to “heal” you.

Deep sleep
This is a no-brainer. This is the first thing a new mum lacks. Getting as much rest and sleep as possible is medically recommended. So, once baby sleeps, take a quick nap.

Have sex
This is subjective. It depends on your personal experience and/or your peculiar circumstance. Some people find that their sex drive diminished after they had their babies. Others, as a matter of fact, found that it improved. If it improved, then maybe, it can be channeled to be used as a relaxation technique.
Just ensure you use a reliable birth control method if you’re not trying for more babies just yet. You can also download an app to monitor your ovulation; this way, you can avoid intercourse during and around the period of your ovulation.

I’d say read a book, but who am I kidding? It never worked for me. Each time I picked up a novel, the sound of my baby crying interrupted my deep slumber.

I hope this article was helpful. Let’s know what has kept you motivated while caring for your baby in the comment section!

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Nkechi is a lawyer, writer, entrepreneur and mum. She seeks to make sense of the world around her by research and writing. She shares her thoughts, experiences and insights on her blog, where she blogs about lifestyle, motherhood and inspiration. Follow her blog, on twitter and instagram at @kech101.

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