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T.T: This Too Shall Pass



The phrase “time erases everything” is one we have grown accustomed to hearing. It is wise to start off by saying that this is not always the case or true of every situation. Time does not erase everything. However, in certain instances, such as being the subject of trending gossip, time may indeed prove to be an eraser.

How is this even possible? For one, the advent of social media has greatly shortened the lifespan of “hot topics” resulting from the many “scandals” that have rocked the world and trended across our timelines. Don’t let the Hashtags, Memes (people get very creative with this one) and the ever bustling comment sections on various platforms, fool you into believing otherwise.

In the blink of an eye, today’s trending news will quickly become yesterday’s gist.  It usually seems to be no more than a new “hot topic” that overshadows the last one. It is surprisingly that uncomplicated (most of the time). For some strange reason or happenstance (if you may), this has been a fairly common occurrence.

As if by magic, somebody, somewhere, will have a story connected to them and become the new subject of another trending story and Felicia’s story, which left our mouths agape just yesterday, is already out of the window. Something more newsworthy has been brought to our notice and our attention has naturally shifted.  No wonder the teacher in Ecclesiastes says “The eye never has enough of seeing, nor the ear its fill of hearing”.

While no one likes to trend for the wrong reasons, be the butt of anyone’s jokes or the inspiration behind those memes (even for the shortest length of time) this goes out to “Felicia”: time can be an eraser, this too shall pass!

Where social media is not a factor, especially with us regular people who could have also fallen victim of gossip (Office, Neighbourhood, Family, Church, Inner circle or even Village sef), it may not blow over as fast as we would like. The good news, however is: slowly, but surely, time will erase all things. People will eventually move on and find another reason to exercise the cavity in the lower part of their face.

This is of course, discounting the one or two unrepentant people that like to sink their teeth deep into other people’s issues, for purely mischievous reasons and refuse let go, even if it kills them. These people definitely do exist and we may never be able to do anything about them, except ignore and just keep our head up.

But even at that, it is very doubtful that people will continually engage in the exact same conversation for the entire duration of their lives. It has to become boring and old after a while and they need to talk about something new.

So, time the eraser, is definitely a blessing! Let us therefore not fret, for it sometimes is just a matter of time.

Photo Credit: Kadettmann | Dreamstime

"TT is a graduate of Philosophy( hence her curious mind) and a Human Resources Professional. Two of her favourite things to do are travelling and writing. She is still work in progress and is trying find purpose in living daily. You can follow her on this journey on "

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