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Webcoupers: 5 Tips To Grow Your Business



Starting a business isn’t easy and growing it isn’t any easier. However, there are tactics with which you can use to market and grow your business. Below are some tips.

Social Media
Statistics show about 2.46 billion people in the world use social media and about 76.2 million Nigerians are on social media. The use of social media for your business is crucial. Getting a lot of people to know about your brand is the goal; and what better way than on social media where millions of people are? Building a brand on social media can be intimidating.
You can build a strong social media presence by using these tips: building your audience first before releasing content; having a relationship with the audience; asking your audience to share your content for it to reach a wider audience; using beautiful pictures and imagery.

Online PR
This is basically free exposure for your business by public relations and it can be achieved by word of mouth, or by advertising your products on blogs, newspapers and so on. By building and having a connection and trust with your clients, you are enabling them to advertise your product for you. People trust online PR over any marketing tactic because it’s honest and there’s been no exchange of money for services.

Attend Networking Events
The power of going out and meeting people to sell yourself and your products cannot be overemphasized. Look for networking events around you and attend, don’t be shy. Also, have your business card ready to hand out

Reach Out to Your Consumers Often
Reaching out to your consumers, after you have offered them the services needed, is a form of marketing tactic. It shows you care about them and it is a form of retention. Customers keep coming back for your services. It helps build trust and it fuels earned media. Make that call, send that text or email. Do it!

Write about what you do can help your business grow. This basically shows that you know what you are doing,.
Write often and ensure the content is fun and educative.

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