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Drop the Weight with EJ: Too Busy on the Mogul Hustle for Healthy Living? Here’s How to Break Through



As a high-achiever, you deal with competing demands every day. There’s the call to:

  • hustle to fill your bank account,
  • have a social life so you don’t miss out on the best part of being human – connecting with people who matter,
  • step up your game when it comes to being healthy.

And while you’ll love to look like you’re all about gym time and salads or to simply take the stairs without feeling like you just ran the race of your life, living a healthy lifestyle takes time, effort, energy (emotional and physical), and money, the same resources that you’ve committed to building an epic career.

But if you’re ready to take control of your health even as you go hard on your hustle, then this article will show you how to break through the excuses keeping you from creating a healthy lifestyle, so you can start feeling amazing even as you make a big impact with your work.

Get your pen and paper ready because this article comes with exercises. Let’s get it!

#1 Start With Why Health Matters to You
Your first step to going from a desire for a healthy lifestyle to actually creating one is to figure out why.

There’s always another goal that being healthier is going to help you achieve. Whether is to help you to feel good about yourself or feel confident as you step out and put your business on the world stage. These reasons are what I call your truth.

The 5 Whys is an exercise that will help you get to your truth. The exercise starts from a superficial place where you’re saying what you think is appropriate and it takes you progressively deeper into what really matters in the bigger scheme of the epic life you’re building.

Once you reach the 5th Why you’ll get to the deeper meaning behind your desire to be healthier, and that’ll help you say yes to stepping away to work out when all you feel like doing is work.

Using the five whys is simple. You’ll start with the question: “What do I want to achieve by living a healthier lifestyle?” Then, after you answer this first question, you’ll ask why to that answer. And then ask why to that answer, till you’ve asked why five times.

By the time you’re done with this, you’ll know exactly what the end game of your fitfam journey is.

So how will this help you actually take action and make your lifestyle healthier? Two things:

  1. It’ll help you eliminate strategies for healthy living that make no sense for your goal. If you want to have more energy to handle your busy day, a diet that restricts you to 1,000 calories will not be an option for you no matter how grandiose the health promises are.
  2. It’ll help prevent you from letting your goal of living healthier fall by the wayside when your busy season hits. You’ll be motivated to maintain the results you’ve gotten to that point and have the motivation to pick back up when things ease up.

#2 Get Clear About How Getting Healthier Will Help You Be the Woman You Want to Be

This is where we start to touch on your values and priorities. If the truth of why you want to get healthier doesn’t match your values and priorities as a woman, it doesn’t matter how hard you work to get healthier, you will struggle.

Ever noticed that person (or you) who says they want to eat healthy but keeps eating cake every day? The reason behind this mismatch between word and deed is a misalignment of truth and values & priorities.

So here’s how to get clear on your values and priorities…fill in the blank in the following sentence:

I’m the kind of person who _______ and it’s important to me that _______, so I’d feel good about accomplishing _________.

Fill in the blank on this sentence and write as many of these sentences that ring true for you. For example:

    1. I’m the kind of person who works hard and it’s important that I put in the effort, so I’d feel good about accomplishing something that shows me and those around me that I take myself and my career seriously.
    2. I’m the kind of person who likes to earn her keep and it’s important that I’m self-reliant, so I’d feel good about accomplishing the good feeling that I can take care of me and mine.

…and so on.

Your answers to the blanks give you a glimpse into your values and priorities so you can take the next step to clarify how being healthier will help you be more of this person.

Doing this is as simple as figuring out which one of the values or priorities will be enhanced by your actions to get healthier. Here’s another template to help you do this:

Getting healthier helps me _______ because it helps me _________.

The first blank should be the relevant value or priority from the first “fill in the blank” exercise and the second should be a reason why getting healthier (your 5 Whys exercise will help here) while help you do more of that or be more of that person.

For example…Getting healthier helps me show that I put in the effort because it helps me show (without speaking) that I take myself seriously enough to take care of myself.

Once you’re clear about the connection between being healthier and being the woman you want to be, you’ll be more likely to show up and take action consistently. If you can’t find the connection immediately, create one. It will help you get clear as to how making time to be healthier will help you be more of the mogul you’re aspiring to be.

This clarity means that you’ll be more likely to show up and take action to choose healthier meals, workout consistently, go to bed 30 minutes earlier, etc., because you know that it’ll contribute to your bigger life dream and your bigger picture.

Once you’re ready to get healthy, you’ll need the tools to get started.

This is why I wrote You Don’t Need a Diet. It’s a free eBook where I break down the tools you need to get results without dieting + how to get started no matter how busy you are.

Click this link to grab your copy

EJ (Ejiro) is a writer/engineer/mom. She writes about healthy living to help busy professional women lose weight, keep it off—and actually feel amazing. She created a Registered Trademarked System (VAFs®) for healthy eating for weight loss and wrote the book Weight Loss for High Achievers to help busy women lose weight and let go of the idea that the only way to succeed is to diet for the rest of their lives. With EJ's methods, dieting isn't required and neither is spending hours in the gym for meager results. P.S. If you want to get the goal-crushing motivation to reach your weight loss goal, then you'll want to get the first chapter of EJ's book for FREE. Click here to get it now.

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