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The Daily Vulnerable by Chude Jideonwo: Drama

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I like drama. I am also naturally given to drama. And I attract a number of dramatic people to myself.

Drama makes like a bit more fun, enhances the experience, and helps you glide across the surface.

So when I am sad, I put on a bit of sad music, when I lose something, I allow myself to imagine its vast connection to everything else. I am a creative person. It’s almost inevitable. Drama is at the base of how I engage the world.

But here is what I have learned: Drama is not reality. And too much time spent with drama inspires you to invert reality. So a few minutes of that sad song to help me come to terms with what I feel, and then it’s back to the beauty of reality. A short period of imagining the girlfriend is perfect and without flaw because of that one huge sacrifice she made, and back to remembering she is only human. A period of imagining that one can literally walk on water, and then a reminder that it’s only a metaphor for the unreached extent of human possibilities.

Just enough drama to keep you tethered still to reality, release.

And, also, choose the drama carefully.

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