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Seun Fakorede, Jidenna’s Grinding & 77 Fraudsters | Here’s What Went Down this Week



It’s like the whole Nigeria was inside bottle of coke this week, and somebody carried that bottle and started shaking it. Everything was just popping as if it’s fight. Anyway, let’s get right into it.

Seun Fakorede Vs. the Agbayas

While some were rejoicing that an actual youth (not a 55-year old youth) was put in charge of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Oyo State (really, we’re very close to standing that state governor), some agbayas somewhere decided to gather and carry placard, angry that he was appointed.

Really, what we have to say about that is: What kind of kids have those people raised that they believe a 27-year-old isn’t old enough to lead a ministry. Says something about them as parents, doesn’t it?

Love is Dead

Want to know why? Because not only Jamie and Nikki break up, but Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes, too. (Actually, not really for the latter, because did we even know they were together?) Still, a tragedy.

Ambode & EFCC (Again!)

Again because didn’t we already talk about this last week? But, alas, this one is a match that they’ll be playing weekly. And it’ll always be a home game for Ambode.

Anyway, EFCC, once again, have raided the home of the former Lagos State governor. The one in Epe, this time. And fans of the home team weren’t very happy, allegedly attacking the EFCC.

Equality of Religions in Osun State

Considering the number of public holidays the Abrahamic religions get in Nigeria, it’s not at all ridiculous that one of our indigenous religions is getting a public holiday.

Osun State has declared August 20 as Isese Day, and, really, bold move. Bold move.

Jidenna the Blender

Because with the way he’s been grinding everything lately ehn, all that remains is pepper.

The Sign Language Rapper

We remember in secondary school when we would chop mouth trying to rap along to Twista because he was just too fast. But at a concert recently, his sign language interpreter hit every single word the rapper rapped, and she did it with style! Someone give her a medal!

FBI & Yahoo Yahoo

See ehn, this was definitely the worst thing about the week. Steady giving Nigeria and Nigerians a bad rep, cyber crime professionals, 77 of them, were indicted by the FBI in the USA.

Of course, the matter has brought up the issue about Nigerians being known for crime. But, as one everything, there’s a silver lining: those nicknames!

No, honestly, those nicknames are gold. “Tmrw Africa Will Wake Up.” “All Africa Media Network.” “Son of God.” “Thank you Jesus.” People are weird sha.

This week, we’ll leave you with our favourite viral video, because we want you to be happy. Enjoy:

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