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Eva Bozimo: Life Lessons on my Journey to 30



I recently turned 30 and as I anticipate how mind-blowing my thirties will be, I can’t help but reminisce on how amazingly eventful my 20s have been. Here are a couple of lessons I’ve learned on my journey:

Every situation you find yourself in is trying to teach you a vital lesson and until you figure it out and learn, you will keep repeating the cycle and remain stuck.

Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything. If you believe in your heart that you can do it, then it means you can do it.

Don’t wait for anyone to come and rescue you. No one owes you anything – the world doesn’t owe you success. You meet success by your actions.

You have to really believe in your self and your vision or else, no one will. It starts with you.

There will always be distractions; people, social media, TV… Learn to ignore and really focus! The distractions are there to steer you away from the dream.

Always listen to your intuition. There is divinity within you, listen and let it guide you.

What you focus on expands. If you focus on how miserable your life is, you’d attract more misery. If you focus on the amazing things working out for you, you’d attract more of what you want.

Your relationship with God/universe/source is the most important part of your journey. Be intentional and seek a personal relationship, know God for yourself.

Ignore the people who aren’t cheering or supporting – it was never about them. Embrace your people – the ones who see you, who support you even though you’ve failed several times because they see what you can be.

Be you! that person you’re trying to be like is already taken and the world wants to see you. The moment you start to live authentically is the moment you attract everything that is for you.

Your comfort zone is your enemy. If you’re comfortable with your situation, then you’re not growing. Everything you’d ever become is trapped inside you, uncomfortable situations reveal to us those potentials within you.

You need the right environment to help you discover and ‘unlock’ your capabilities and talents.

We all have gifts within us: whether it’s connecting with people through words, being really good with your hands, drawing, being a great storyteller, or being really great with numbers. We tend to always think our gifts must be something creative. Your gift is anything others struggle with, but you do so well with the least resistance.

Life is not a school, it’s a journey. Do not focus on societal timelines or expectations, focus only on your path.

Not every relationship is meant to end in a marriage. Some people come into your life to teach you vital lessons that you carry into your next relationship.

Pay attention to how you feel around people and stay away from those who drain your energy. Your energy is your currency; gravitate towards people who feed you.

Travel more if you have the opportunity. You learn a lot about yourself when you’re away from your reality. You learn other cultures and your perspective in life expands.

Self-love is a priority; always make sure you fill your cup first. You can only give when you have what to give.

Your mind is your most important asset. Learn how to unlock your mind and watch your whole world change.

Don’t be afraid of going against status quo or think for yourself.

Find God and you will find your purpose; He will reveal who you are to you.

Love and  Light.

Eva Bozimo is the editor-in-chief of the life style site candid lips blog. She’s a freelance writer and can be reached for writing articles for magazines, blogs, script writing and reviews. She created her platform to raise the consciousness level of people and to spread positivity. Also to recognize the challenges we face everyday, especially in Africa. Find her on Instagram: Twitter: @EvaChanel Youtube: Candid couch