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It’s Time To Be Very Careful with Your Account Details



Something sinister has been happening since folks started self-isolating. People have been sharing on social media about how their accounts or those of the people they love have been emptied. It’s crazy.

We’re not sure how it’s happening, or why it’s even happening now that most of us are in very vulnerable conditions. Some were unable to stock up on groceries and food items because their accounts were emptied just before the shut down was announced. It’s very unfair that people are doing this now.

It’s possible that it’s happening because people now have a lot of time on their hands. Still, the only thing we can do is be extra careful.

We need to stay vigilant and not click on just any link that comes our way. We’ve heard of people getting mails from random (but real) companies with links to click on. Please, don’t.

If the mail is not from a friend, family member or colleague, please don’t click anything. And even then, please call them to ask why they sent the link.

Do not submit your details anywhere. Guard even your bank account numbers with your life. BVN, ATM card numbers—everything, guard them!

Please. This is not the time to add more wahala into one’s life. As we stay safe from coronavirus, let’s stay safe from 419ers too. We’ll need that money to spend on enjoyment after this pandemic is over and gone forever.