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Dennis Isong: Here’s How to Make your Apartment Comfortable During the Rainy Season



The rainy season is that period of the year where your home and its content deserve extra care. Failure to protect and preserve your property from rain can cause several damages such as potential flood basement, mold growth, destruction of building materials, and many more. Some may cost much to repair but others may be irreparable.

The rains have started, albeit not heavily, and there’s a probability that water may penetrate into your apartment through the wall or roof if you’re staying in an area prone to flooding or has a bad drainage system. This means you need to take extra precaution to protect your apartment and properties.

Benefits of Preparing your Home for Rainy Season

  • You’ll have a safe and comfortable place perfect for you and your household.
  • Eliminating the mold makes it great for your health.
  • Reduction in the home humidity levels.
  • Your clothes will be free from damages due to rain penetration.
  • No flooding of the basement or your property surrounding.

How to Make your Home Comfortable in Rainy Season

Increase Indoor Temperature

You need to increase the indoor temperature so as to decrease the humidity of your apartment – an increase in the temperature of a room causes a decrease in humidity. In addition, you can as well make use of a dehumidifier to maintain the humidity in your apartment. To ensure well circulation, the dehumidifier works perfectly with closed windows and doors. It should also be placed far away from furniture and the wall excluding models that have an air vent installed on top.

Fix Wall Cracks

Fixing your apartment wall cracks helps keep your home safe and comfortable during the rainy season. It aids in the prevention of rain penetration into the apartment and it’s very advisable you fix it with a high-quality wall product. Therefore, it’s good to check for any cracks in your apartment and seal them before rain comes. These cracks cause the major issue in your home, they allow moisture into the structure of your building which can aid the growth of mold, fungus, leakages, peel off your paint and even make your apartment extremely cold and dank.

Create Ventilation

Our first step is to create ventilation most especially in those areas in our apartment – like the bathroom or restroom, basement, and kitchen – known to form moisture. Creating ventilation aids in controlling our indoor temperature, humidity, get rid of moisture, and moderate dampness. You can also make use of vent fans. Always turn them on and allow them on much longer. Vent fans can easily be fixed by an electrician if it’s not available in your apartment.

Meanwhile, you can install AC as well and while cooking, ensure to cover the food. This is to take complete advantage of the exhausted fans installed. The kitchen oven and stove-top cooking utensils generate more moisture in the home. Don’t forget to place your clothing dryer outside to help reduce moisture in the bathroom or basement.

Build Waterproof

A lot of residents complain of rain penetration into the building structure of their apartment, and it’s quite severe during heavy rainfall. This issue can be solved by sorting out where the defect is located and have it fixed. But if the landlord/property owner fails to sort out the issue with the defect, you can choose to set up a waterproof coating over your apartment – that’s the external wall, this can serve as a barrier to prevent rain or water from penetrating into the building and eliminate damp walls in your apartment.

Water proofing serves as a medium to prevent structure deterioration, prevent damage to the building interior and eliminate the growth of mildew and mold in your apartment.

Clear Drainage System/Route

Clearing your drainage system helps prevent erosion and flooding of your property that, if not attended to, can cause the drainage pathway to be blocked, thus obstructing the passage of water or rain. A bad drainage system can lead to the accumulation of stagnant water which can be a breeding home for insects and mosquitoes. Avoid throwing bottles or nylons, and so on into your gutter and always clear the drainage system as much as you can. Once it has been cleared, don’t leave the dirt by the roadside because once it starts raining, it pushes the dirt back to the drainage system again and this can lead to flooding.

Fix Bad or Broken Windows and Doors

This is another way to ensure your home is in perfect shape before rainy season comes. Check out for any damage or broken windows and door. Check that their hinges are in good condition, if damaged, ensure to replace them immediately before the rainy season.

Fix Leaking Roof

Leaking roofs can be a major disaster waiting to happen.  Ensure you check your roof for for holes, leaks and cracks, and have them fixed immediately.

We all pray for rain to fall, still, the rainy season can be daunting for some people who have to constantly sweep water from their rooms or battle erosions and floods. If care is not taken, the rain may wear off your apartment’s interior decoration, and cause wall dampness that may pose a risk to your health. Therefore, maximum preparation of your apartment towards the rainy season is highly encouraged.



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