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Paula Pwul: How to Attain the Real Concept of Glow Up

Do the things that are good for you daily. Drink water, eat healthily, get some exercise, and do some meditation.

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It is undeniable that we are fully in the social media era. We now get news from social media, and build random friendships by sharing memes and posts. And there’s the business angle – businesses now flourish without having to open a physical shop. Social media is here to stay.

We also get exposed to a lot of ideas on social media too. One of the popular social media waves is the glow-up. The glow-up is essentially the all-around elevation and transformation from duckling to swan. It’s giving Cinderella.

If you have decided that it is time to make changes and you mean it, before you rush up into it, here are some tips that would aid your glow-up journey:

Fix your mindset 

You are only as sound as your mind is. If you don’t think you can do it, you most likely won’t. If you think you need a prince charming to turn your story around, you most likely will sabotage yourself every time you try. Start working on your mind. Avoid making a lot of mistakes by learning from your previous mistakes. Read the right books, listen to the right people, unplug from the sources of negativity in your life, and get ready for the climb because, make no mistake, the glow-up is an uphill climb. You are trying to leave your comfort zone, there will be resistance.

Fix your finances 

I’m going to be straight with you, the glow-up is not cheap. Everything is expensive but listen, the goal is to actually glow up, not look like you are glowed up. You need a source of income – a job, a business, or both. This income is to be directed at building your savings, investment, or confidence, not to pepper anyone or prove a point. If you already have a source of income, glowing up will be getting financially educated so you can get your money working for you. I repeat, the goal is not to look like you have money but to actually have it. If you don’t have a source of income, it’s time to get moving. Start applying for jobs or follow through with that business you’ve been saying you want to start. There’s no use crying over what you haven’t done. You don’t need a lot to start a service-based business. You already have social media.

Fix your circle 

Chale, if the people you hang out with are constantly gossiping and pulling people down, why are you comfortable there? Are you guys talking about investing? Are you talking about elevating? Are you rooting for each other? Or are you constantly asking “who does he think she is?” Pick your circle wisely. Because if you insist on staying in rooms that constantly bring others down, your glow-up journey will quickly become a “what is he/she feeling like” issue.

Fix your habits 

Atomic Habits was all over the internet this year and for good reason. James Clear let us know that it’s the little things we do that make us. You want to run a successful business but you spend all your time on Netflix. You want to get ahead in your career but you’re always dodging work. You want to lose some weight but you look the other way when vegetables come near you. Do the things that are good for you daily. Drink water, eat healthily, get some exercise, and do some meditation. You cannot get results without doing the work. It’s simply against the law of the real glowing up.

Fix your Plan

Who do you want to be? Because until you are clear on that, you cannot get intentional about becoming that. Decide who you want to be and who your best self is, and map out how to get there. The trick is to show up as your best self. Is that what my best self will do in that situation? Would my best self want to prove a point right now? Would my best self indulge in this temptation? Would my best self be this catty?

As 2022 comes to an end, you will soon start seeing wonderful reviews online. People will share wins everywhere and you could be tempted to feel late to the party. Don’t do it. Focus on your lane and the plan you have made. Show up for yourself relentlessly. You can do this. The secret is in the execution. Just knowing what to do and that you should do it is not enough. Talking about it is not enough either. Do the things you need to do to be a better version of yourself. The world is rooting for you to glow up.



Featured image: Sora Shimazaki for Pexels

Paula Pwul is a brand consultant and content marketing expert who is passionate about books, personal development and helping women building impactful businesses.

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