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#BNCelebratingLove: Helen Met Her Boo on Facebook & it’s Been a Sweet Love Journey Since Then

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I met my king, Patrick Chinedu Eze Onyike, on the 11th of May 2021. On one cool day, I commented under a Facebook post from a group I belong to – Igboist Date. The post was asking about what we knew about first sons. In the evening of that beautiful day, a strange guy slid into my DM, saying he was touched by my comment. 

He introduced himself, and I did the same. I chatted with him very freely, he then asked for my number and I gave it to him. Mehn, e shock me oo. Me that is very strict with guys online, and do not easily give my number out. But, behold, I never argued when he requested my number.

Boom! That was how we started as friends o, bros even went as far as asking about my blood group and genotype. Before I could say jack, it skyrocketed to relationship o.

And, mehn, the love his family have shown me has been massive even though I haven’t met them yet. Bros has come home to meet my family officially, letting them know of his intentions towards what we have, and now hoping to have our introduction after the Nigerian general elections.

Guess what, I have never regretted giving him a chance to love me. He has become the son my mother doesn’t have. He has become a brother my siblings and I never had.

Thanks so much, Obim. You light up my world in a way I can never express. What we have is truly love beyond the moment.


The #BNCelebratingLove Valentine Campaign is supported by Hingees – one of Nigeria’s finest clothing brands. 

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