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Morolake Dairo: Before Buying That Aso-Ebi, Consider Your Pocket



Despite the economic headwinds, there are some things that will remain at the forefront such as food, shelter, work and of course events. People are still getting married, turning a golden 50 or any reason there can be to host a party. This means that the demand for Aso-Ebi will not end. How can you manage yourself in these times as inflation keeps rising but salaries remain static?

Revalidate what matters

Everything costs something. Aso-Ebi costs an expense and depending on your saving/enjoyment goals for the year, something is getting deducted from somewhere. The major question is how important is this Aso-Ebi to you, socially and financially? How important is the person celebrating something to you? The average Aso-Ebi costs between 15 – 65k for 6 yards. How many weddings did you attend in 2022 and how many Aso-Ebi fabrics did you buy? When you include makeup and matching accessories costs, is the calculation alarming? What could you have done with those funds instead? And what account is this Aso-Ebi expense eating into?

Reuse and recycle

You know you have almost 6 purple fabrics in similar hues sewn in different styles. Have you thought of recycling one of those you wore only once? This will even come cheaper as all your tailor has to do is revise the styles and add new fabric or accessories to jazz up the basic style. That’s a new dress at a subsidised cost and you still get to fit in with the purple dress code. It’s a win-win.

Aso-Ebi pooling

If you must buy Aso-Ebi especially if it’s an event for family or your close friends, then have you considered pooling? In a typical situation, you have about 5 yards per person. Consider splitting the yards and sharing the cost with someone else to cut down costs. There are so many styles you can pull off with complimentary fabric like velvet and chiffon.

Consider DIY

You know when we say Aso-Ebi, that is not the only cost that comes with a wedding. The new shoes, tailoring costs, lashes, nails and make-up are additional expenses for that one day. Have you considered taking make-up lessons on YouTube and doing your make-up yourself? Rather than fixing your nails just for this occasion, can you go with painted natural nails to save cost? 

Break the rules

Break the dress code and wear what you have. I know you would think about the pictures and paparazzi but what matters most is that you were present there for your friend or your family member, although some might argue this because they consider buying the attire as part of being there. But aside from your presence, you can present gifts which most people need in this economic recession. 

Explore vintage

So, you don’t have the colour of the day? Guess what? Your mother/aunty/guardian’s wardrobe is a hidden treasure. Thankful to these folks, they have rows and pillars of wrappers and lace sewn in styles that you can adjust to suit yourself and it is available in almost every shade you can think of. Consider converting that pink lace skirt to a short gown and adding supplementary fabric to give it an added twist. If you must buy the fabric, maybe you can skip the gele, or vice versa. There is always something you can substitute.

Aso-Ebi is costly and everyone wants to be among the group. But you also need to consider your financial budget. If considering one of those above would secure your savings, it is advisable to consider them.



Featured Image: Dreamstime

Morolake Dairo is a brand communications professional, who loves research, reading and writing poetry. If google was human, Morolake would be her best friend. Feel free to read her poetry pieces on Instagram @rolake_dairo . When she's working or trying to complete her thesis, you will find her reading or sleeping. Feel free to read her poetry pieces on Instagram @rolake_dairo .

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