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BN Community Centre: Man with Cancer of the Throat

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In March 2013, the BellaNaija team asked for your feedback on how to handle the issue of the emails we receive with regards soliciting for financial aid {Click here to read}. We were grateful for your feedback. Over the years, BellaNaija has published various feature stories on Nigerians in difficult situations and we are thankful that our BN Fam has supported in full force. From the man who was wrongly imprisoned for over a decade to and the struggling father suddenly saddled with major financial obligations due to the birth of his triplets.

During this time, we worked to get as much information as we could about different situations that was sent to us. In many cases, the people sending the emails don’t come back to us when we ask for more information. Sometimes they do and we are sceptical about the information given to us and as such we are unable to publish these stories. We will continue to publish these stories, however, we realize this is not enough.

While we are very concerned about the integrity of our brand and are conscious of the fact that there are too many fraudsters out there, we are definitely aware of the major challenges people go through every day.

If you’ve ever had a health-related issue in Nigeria, then you will probably understand that it is extremely difficult to fund your treatment and navigate the healthcare system. Even at the government hospitals (where health care service supposedly subsidized) you find yourself having to pay N50,000 here for something, another N18,000 for something else. Before you know it, you’ve spent hundreds of thousands of Naira. We all know how difficult it is to raise money, even amongst the most ‘comfortable’ people. While many save for a rainy day or have health insurance, most cannot afford to set aside a contingency sum for sudden major illnesses.

In view of this, BellaNaija is launching the BN Community Centre. This online platform will feature “calls for help” as submitted to us. This includes information, photos and account numbers. We are, however, stating categorically that we are doing only basic fact checking, therefore, we will not be held liable in ANY circumstance.

We encourage you to give if you can, however, please ensure you perform independent verification prior to donating any funds.


Dear Sir/Ma,

Our brother/friend/son Yusuf Yakub, a final year student of the University of Lagos is presently battling against Nasopharyngeal Cancer (Cancer of the throat) .

Yusuf used to be a radiant, fit, gentle and compassionate young man prior to his present condition.

He was referred to Eko Hospital Ikeja, to undergo Chemoradiation ( The process of undergoing chemotherapy and radiation at the same time) , which he started on the 12th of December, 2013 and finished on the 26th of February, 2014. (A scanned copy of the letter from Prof. J.T Duncan of Eko Hospital Ikeja to the ENT Surgery Department of LUTH, stating the chemoradiation process has been attached to this email).

Yusuf Yakub has been advised to seek further medical attention in India and a referral letter has been sent to Apollo Hospital, Chennai in India and the resident doctor Dr V.P. Singh has assured us that he’ll receive the necessary treatment haven gone through his medical history and is fully aware of his present situation.

The total Medical cost is approximately, $15,000. (N2,440,496.62). This cost covers charges for any cross consultation, special investigations, extended stay and treatment for any other illness that may have sprung up due to the cancer growth.
This cost excludes his flight ticket to India, which we have put at an estimate of N451,573.23 ( Today, 5th of July, 2014, FlyEmirates quote) for two people, Yusuf & his sister, (To be granted a medical visa to India, it is compulsory you have someone accompanying you).
The medical cost also doesn’t include Guest house charges will be extra (for pre and post discharge stay) at the hospital, which could go up to about $200/day and amount to about 21 days (3 weeks).
Also excluded, is the rehabilitation program cost when he returns from India, which includes physiotherapy sessions & other medications that we have drawn up an approximate value of N1,500,000 for, as nobody (here or in India) have been able to tell us an exact amount that we will be needing, until he passes the initial treatment of in India and is re-assessed

Here is a figurative breakdown of the expenses.

Approximate Medical Cost = $15,000/N2,440,496.62
Approximate Flight Cost (2 People) = N451,573.23
Approximate Accommodation Cost = $200/day X 21 days = $4,200/N683,340
Approximate Rehabilitation Program Cost = N1,500,000

Approximate Total Cost = N5,075,409.62.

We have been advised by cancer Foundations & other cancer survivors to put the total cost at N7,000,000 to cover both pre & post medical expenses and also other unforeseen circumstances (which we pray against), which may arise.
We are pledging to carry the public, donors & well-wishers along with the progress of this case.

As at yesterday, 4th of July, we’ve been able to raise N1,716,251.98, through donations from Unilag students, well-wishers online & friends, we are still short N5,283,748.02 , which is why we have come to you for assistance.

Donations have gone through the following bank accounts so far :-
Name of Bank:- Guaranty Trust Bank
Account Name:- Yakubu Olayinka
Account Number:- 0108330529


Name of Bank:- United Bank For Africa (UBA)
Account Name:- Yakub Rafiat
Account Number:- 2027576182

We have also set up an online crowd-funding account for him to receive donations from donors outside Nigeria. The link to the crowd funding website is

His situation has been featured on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) website, further reinstating the authenticity of the situation, you can find the article by clicking the link below :-

Below is a YouTube link showing Mr Henry Chukwugbo (#PleaseSaveYusuf Cordinator) & Yusuf (In his present state) appealing for funds:-

We will appreciate whatever amount you can spare to this cause or better still help us with publicity on the issue, as we will like to see our brother/friend/son, get back to his former healthy and bubbly state.

Thank you very much for your time and we are optimistic you’ll offer us a lending hand.

Yours Sincerely,

Henry Chukwugbo

Coordinator, Please Save Yusuf Campaign.

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