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You Watched The Show, Now You Can Read the Comic! MTV Base Shares the Story of Malika & Nii IN PRINT

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MTV Base  and the Staying Alive team kept us captivated with Shuga Naija – from the end of 2013, Shuga sailed with us into 2014. We were glued to our screens – empathising with the characters and plotting alternative endings to the show. {If you missed the show, catch up here}

One character whose story tugged at our hearts was Malaika (played by Leonora Okine), because she was a victim of domestic violence. Nii (played by Chris Attoh) was Malaika’s husband.

In order to highlight the problems of domestic violence, the producers of the show have decided to tell Malaika and Nii’s story in an alternative media – to have a wider reaching audience.

Check it out!
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