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Ewon Adenomon: 3 Tips To Fast-Track Your Productivity



20140402_123728-1As human beings, sometimes we always want to be productive – which is fine, because being productive helps us to accomplish most of our goals.

When we are productive, we feel very great about ourselves. For me, a very productive days ends with me giving myself some type of sexy treat. It could be going out to dinner or movie with friends or maybe binge-watching a show on Netflix, which by the way is my current obsession. Did someone say Arrow? That’s my latest show before my other favorite show, Scandal returns.

Alright enough about my obsession with TV shows. While always being productive is awesome, there are times when there is no ginger (energy) to be productive. It seems like the gods of productivity have disappeared from the face of the earth!

Sounds familiar? Next time you find your productive energy disappear, these tips will help you get it back.

Take a Break
I know this sounds like the last thing we would do because the normal thing to do is to keep working,  but taking a break works wonders in bringing your energy back up.

Think about it this way: Your low productivity is a sign that your body and in most cases your mind is simply tired. My grandma used to say: body no be firewood. So if your body is tired, there is no need forcing it beyond its limits. Relax. Breathe.Continue.

Inspire Yourself
Just because your energy is low does not mean you should give up completely. What makes you excited? If you are working on a personal/work project, now is the time to think about why you started the project in the first place. The “why” will help you to bring back your excitement and energy.

What makes you tick as an individual? Does reading make you tick? or do you prefer to do something that involves less brain activity? Or do you prefer music? Sometimes music does it for me, I could listen to artists like Beyonce, Asa or Tiwa Savage depending on my mood and trust me it helps me.

Anyway whatever your music preference is, guess what? Turn it up.

Let’s assume the above tips still hasn’t put you where you want to be, this last tip always does it.

Surround Yourself With People Who are Passionate
People that are passionate have a certain type of energy that could be very infectious. And as we know, energy flows from one source to another, their passionate energy can infect you and next thing you know, guess who becomes energized? You.

Were you inspired by this article? Do you see yourself putting these quick tips to work or do have a different approach? Leave your comments below, they make my day better.

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