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Janyl Benyl: Five Useful Resolutions For A Healthy Lifestyle in 2015

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Happy 2015!

If you are one of those who work well with new year resolutions, then you need to throw in these ones I think you will find beneficial for your health this year:

Worry Less
Worrying is like carrying a heavy load. Just like a physical load can lead to repetitive strain and pain, worrying is indeed hazardous to health. The longer you hold on to your worry, the more painful, stressful and dangerous it is. Whoever needs you to worry about them deserves no atom of worry from you. Whatever stresses you out is a distraction. Worrying changes nothing, it only depletes your energy and dilapidates your health. Half the things we worry about on a daily, are those things we have no business worrying about. We just wake up with unnecessary baggage and end up with wrinkles for no real reasons.

Make a decision to take the unnecessary weight off you this year.

Get Enough Sleep
You need to accord yourself 7-9 hours of sleep daily for your body to function properly. Lack of adequate sleep can lead to both physical, emotional and mental problems.

It impedes your cognition and tampers with your mood. Many people are consumed with chasing their dreams that they forget to even give themselves time to rejuvenate via a good night’s rest. After a while, you will just realize that you feel this chronic exhaustion which can increase the risks of serious health issues including heart attacks, strokes, depression, etc.

Engage in a Sporting Activity
When you are trying to keep your exercise routines and it just seems really difficult, an easy remedy is to find a sporting activity and commit to it. You just need to find something that you love and start training to be very good at it. Most people would not stay up for hours exercising, but they easily would not mind those hours if they were participating in their favourite sports. Before I really understood the implications of exercising and staying fit, I was doing so steadily just because of my interest in dance. Dancing has not only helped me to aim to stay trim and in shape, but it has also been the tool I have engaged to do so with ease. I find it very easy to exercise with music and that is because dancing is my favourite sport. For some, it is football or basketball. At the end of the day, check; you will realize that you achieve more when you are trying to get your fitness goals in doing those things you love than through rigorous exercise routines.

Drink Lots of Water
Water is very good for your body. It helps to clear out toxic waste which will keep you looking fresh and well hydrated. If there is one habit you should try to get in the new year, it is getting comfortable with drinking lots and lots of water. An average individual living in a temperate region needs about 2 – 3 litres of fluid a day to stay hydrated. I know most people can say categorically that they are amongst the increasing majority who still take less than one litre a day. I used to forget to drink water until I deliberately decided to change that. I started by investing in fancy water bottles in my favourite colours. I always have one in my bedroom and one in my laptop bag. Whenever I have to spend long hours out, I made plans for how to get some fluid in. After a while, it became a habit. I can sit down and just feel like drinking water these days.

Eat Less Junk
Junk food just fills you up with empty calories and no real nutrients, a big waste of the efforts and room you could have used to put something that can actually benefit your body.

Your body needs certain essential nutrients to perform its natural functions, you cheat your body every time you switch this important nutrients for junk. Plan ahead and try to find those options that provide more value for your health and fitness goals.

I wish you all a very healthy and rewarding 2015!

Photo Credit: Dreamstime | Michael Zhang

Janyl Benyl is a lifestyle blogger, creative writer, a health consultant and advocate. She is a Nigerian, currently sojourning in the UK where she is pursuing a career in Public Health. JB, as she is fondly called, is a lady with many talents. You can find her on her personal blog where she shares most of her interests - (or and on most social media sites linking in with @janylbenyl

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