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Tolu Falode: Your Calling

Tolu Falode



Tolu FalodeThere is such beauty in living. In spending your time seeing, and feeling and hearing and speaking-you are engaging with an environment where some have walked and talked and laughed and cried but are no more. You are marching on a path that feet no longer have the privilege to feel. You are dancing on a stage that is misted with the faded steps of a previous stranger. This is the beauty of life-its unpredictability. It is a gift. A literal gift that is finite-when and where it ends-no one is sure-but what are you here for?

There is a whisper in your heart that struggles to speak. It searches for an audience to allow you to see-and so it leads you blindly into the arms of friends and through the hallways of remembrance as it is seeking, for a space where you will finally listen. A place for your instincts-this is the power in living. There is such a force of energy that promotes purpose into being. But not many seek it-only few find it.

And that is when their steps align with the pathway of destiny. That is when they understand the beauty and brevity in the breathe that has given them a space to keep speaking. That is when they calculate each and every step they take on this pathway of truly being. But the problem is not many seek this space before the sands of time grasp them from their calling-some are misted away into eternity before their voices speak, others start speaking before their voices are interrupted to a higher calling, but some lucky few manage to step in their destiny and protect it-as they walk through life’s challenges. And so I wonder, where does ones steps fall in these boxes of either living in purpose, or pain or both? Or even in words that remain unspoken, visions that struggle to be birthed into reality-how many have truly engaged with destiny?

How many have recognized this is a voice that speaks from within-not in the arms of family, not in the safety of friends, or the sanctuary in the arms of a partner…it is a voice that is from within-the core of your individuality.

Not a shape to be molded to fit your surroundings, not a voice to be trained to conform to society, not even a style that can be constructed to suit one idea of morality. It is your individuality-a truth that is unique in its being. It is a treasure that gleams with validity because it is a truth that does not prescribe to daily interactions.

No-it is so unique-so powerful-so full of life and being. And it is fluid with visions that are birthed from an imperfect entity. But people get lost in this entity-they see the clay of their bodies, they focus on the prospect of delay forgetting that man is not an object, man decays-in age, in thoughts, in passions and in words-as time moves forward, man moves towards the peace found in eternity. But is your light shining? Have you started speaking? Have you started truly living? Does your breath contain a purposeful meaning?

Or have you gotten lost in the motions of your flesh-failing to focus on the treasure chest that speaks in dreams and visions and sometimes even in hallucinations-haunting you desperately for an audience-an entrance into your life, a pathway of certainty, a home of true delight-because your purpose is a light.

And living outside it are shadows that only feed your fright. They speak of the dangers of following a cause that your heart is sure it hungers for. Some people wear these shadows in suits, dressed for an official occasion, in chains to a desk of oppression, typing away daily at the mercy of opinions. Ignoring their inner desires, they starve their passions.

Forgetting that life is not forever lived on this platform-at some point or another-one faces the transition. But have you lived in this space of conversation-have you engaged with this platform and ignored your inhibitions?

This is so important-because people lose their inner convictions-when they surround themselves with pills that sedate their daily visions, they poison their purpose, suffocating its voice-refusing to listen to its still small voice.

You know, people think purpose speaks in one picture, but it really starts with just a pin drop-but it is a very special sound it makes that is consistent in its badgering, it has a way of roaming around your thoughts restless in its quest for a sanctuary. A safe still place where it can get your attention. And the truth is, people don’t realize this is how it begins to grow in girth and expansion-when you finally sit and listen and open your ears to its instructions-and follow along with your steps ignoring your silent thoughts that warn of possible failures.

As you walk in the direction of purpose, you step into the pathway of truth, and destiny starts to speak into your daily views-you change, you grow, you move, you transform-you begin to birth such powerful thoughts you were not previously aware of.

You start to speak in a voice that even scares you with its potent force. It screams and screeches with authority chasing away the past shadows from your doors. That is how purpose protects you-and that is when you understand you have to protect your voice. That sound God has birthed in your inner core-to speak and impact and change and transition the hands of time, and hold them in the shifting palms of your hands-this all happens when you align with your true self-when you respond to that still small whisper, it grows into a giant, roaring through life’s inhibitions. It pushes you forward, when fears try to slam you back, it propels you into destiny, so your negative thoughts don’t even stand a chance.

This is the power in living-in giving your purpose the breath of life-you step into being. And it starts small-don’t be discouraged by that still small voice-respond to it-when it begins to grow, it will birth you into the pathway of opportunity. And this is the stage of your destiny-when you can live life fully in your true calling.

Tolu Falode is a Relationship Counselor with over 5 years experience counseling couples and singles on having an amazing marriage. She shares dating tips on Instagram: @fantheflame and YouTube: Tolu Falode. You can also reach her via e-mail: [email protected]


  1. Tosin

    November 29, 2015 at 3:58 pm

    and Amen

  2. Cynthia M

    November 29, 2015 at 4:21 pm

    Beautiful.. Thanks Tolu for these inspirational words. You’ve just increased my motivation this morning to continue to examine that which I am truly passionate about and figure out how to birth it into reality.

  3. kiki

    November 30, 2015 at 12:15 am

    Always a beautiful read. Thank you Tolu!

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