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BN TV: Watch the FINAL Episode SUPERSTORY: The Other Side



BN TV has been following Wale Adenuga Production‘s “Superstory: The Other Side” – Click HERE to Catchup on previous episodes.

Now, we have reached the end.

Watch the final episode below;

Bala apologized to Shade for all that transpired between them in the past and pleaded with her to help him with Asabe’s contact. An award was bestowed on Asabe’s creations for her outstanding impact in the fashion industry. After much pleading, Bala got his teaching job back. Shade resigned from her job as a result of sexual harassment and joined Asabe in her fashion business. Bala had finally seen Audu for the devil he was and desisted from being his friend. Asabe’s in-laws apologized to Asabe and appealed to her to forgive Bala. Asabe reiterated that she needs time to fully recover from all the hurt she had passed through and fears that Bala might go back to his old ways. Should Asabe take Bala back? THE END!

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  1. Late bloomer

    April 23, 2016 at 12:39 am

    Thanks BN for uploading this I really love that WAPTV used new faces and centered it in the north more grease to your elbow

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