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Seun Shobo: Let’s Talk About the Concept of Family Branding



IMG_1656Anytime I talk about this concept, people look at me twice and conclude that I am probably losing it. Others believe I’m just trying to sound intelligent. People fail to realize the crucial importance of having a name that opens doors for generations after you.

There are some names that can never be forgotten in the sands of time. If I begin to reel out names this article will probably be longer than intended.

My first rationale for branding your family started from my quest in the Bible. I came across a verse that reads, “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.” –Proverbs 22 vs. 1

The question as simple as it sounds is, “Are you building intentionally a GOOD family name, a BAD family name or an OKAY family name?” Can you pause and sincerely think about which of the above categories you belong to?

Good Family names that have become legendary have a particular quality or virtue in common. It is called INTEGRITY. The root of this virtue is character.

You may be reading this and thinking to yourself that your family is popular. Yes, your family may be presently popular, but does this transcend generations before and after you?

Families that have done this did not arrive there by fluke, mere stroke of chance. It was well thought out. It was deliberate. It was very intentional.

They had an idea of what they wanted their family to be; they had a vision, they had specific and common values, norms and culture which they upheld and deliberately handed down.

Largely, some of us are known to just live life as it comes. While this might have some cons, I dare say that people who plan get more out of life.

This filters down to the way you live your life everyday –  knowing that every move you make can either make or mar your family brand.

First, to the men: you are the ones that have the responsibility of building families. Please think carefully before you make lifetime decisions like who to marry because the synergy and singularity of purpose between couples is how family brands are birthed.

You must be focused enough to draw up a plan on what legacy you want to leave and one singular thing you will want the family name to be remembered for when it is called.

Women, marry men with visions, and who are passionate about making that vision come to life. Don’t stay on the shallow lane by merely desiring just the money, Ferrari and the designer labels.

Be focused on getting your family brand in the minds of your target audience. It is beyond clear that humans irrespective of background have a heritage. We are constantly living out our heritage, and giving our heritage to our family. It’s not an option. Parents will always pass to their offspring a legacy- good, bad or a bit of both.

Today, if we don’t intentionally pass a legacy consistent with our beliefs to our children, our present day culture will pass along its strong influences and this often leads to a negative end.

It is important to understand that passing on a legacy is a process, not an event. Just as every process requires patterns and participants, so does the branding of families. In this case, parents are the major players in this process.

The brand of every family hinges on parents and how well they do their jobsSeun Shobo – The BrandMASTER as he is fondly called is currently the Senior Brand Manager of Nigeria’s pioneer innovation institute (FIILM) .He is also the founder and creative director of Idée universal projects( a creative brand projects company). He also speaks,trains and consults for brands via

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